Prisca vs Renfeld

I had a completed mission push me over 300 gems, so, I figure a purple pull will help balance my teams for AW.

Prisca. Honestly, just Renfeld with a better complexion.

Feeding her to Layla would make my team better.

Or at least make you feel better. :wink:

I used Prisca till I got a 4* Purple…and kept her for going double on a yellow Titan. She’s not fabulous, but she’ll do till you get a better one.

Well, Rook, it would make me feel better. Sorta payback at that wicked summons gate.

Also, had Renfeld from early on so he is tier 3 vs her clean sheet.

I will keep her for now awaiting the AW. Maybe get her some make up…plain as a North Dakota school marm.


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