Priority Heroes

So I had a priority to upgrade my heroes as far as I could but some of them I have ran out of mats, so I was wondering your guys opinions on some of my heroes that i have yet to level and which ones should be a priority… i have arranged them so you guys can see which ones I dont have upgraded. Thanks for any suggestions. Screenshot_20190702-150237_Empires

It would be helpful to know which mats you have.

It would be helpful to know what heroes you do have upgraded as well. :slight_smile:


Here are my mats and highest leveled heroes. Thanks for the help.

I would stick mostly with the ones you already started.
Blue: Grimm 3-60, then Frida 3-70
Red: Scarlett to 3-60, then marj to 3-70
Green: Mel 3-60, then caed 4-70
Purple: tib 3-60, then rigard 4-70
Yellow: ranvir to 2-60, then chao

Then you should come back here and ask for more advice depending on the mats you will have. These heroes will help you to claim more mats easily from rare quests, challenges…


That was the initial plan to keep these going until I can’t ascend them, just wondering which ones to work on after or if I should be working on certain ones over the ones I’m working on now. Thanks

When you have the first part on each color achieved and you work on those behind the „then“ we should reevaluate.

Since I am a friend of specific color feeding and you have business in each color, there is no need to put ones over other ones.

I assume you also have at least one or two 3* rainbow teams, right?


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