Prioritizing 4 stars for war

Hi All,

I’m trying to deepen my bench. I have a ton of 4-star heroes. I have the mats to ascend them. Here’s my meta-strategy:

  1. Average/Slow heroes won’t survive long enough to do their business, so prioritize “fast” heroes.
  2. I need a few healers, but not too many.
  3. Mana control is such a huge benefit for closing TP gaps.

Here’s my prioritized list of 4-star heroes I need to ascend for war (note: I already have roughly 10 maxed 4-stars):

Red: Scarlett, Sir Lancelot, Sumitomo
Green: Caedmon, Caedmon 2, Kasshrek
Blue: Triton, Kiril, Grimm 2
Purple: Proteus, Gafar, Merlin, Proteus 2, Gafar 2
Yellow: Li Xiu, Li Xiu 2

I have the mats to elevate most of these guys to tier 4. I’m purple-heavy but that’s ok. The plan is to go one color at a time (i.e. Scarlett > Caedmon > Triton > Proteus> Li Xiu > Sir Lancelot, etc. etc.)

Any feedback would be appreciated.

For reference I’m ignoring these heroes because they’re too slow/niche:

Red: Colen, Gormek
Green: Little John, Skittleskull, Gobbler, Gadeirus, Jack O’Hare
Blue: Boril 2, Captain of Diamonds, Isarnia
Purple: Obakan, Boomer, Ameonna, Jabbar, Rigard 2
Yellow: Ranvir, Delilah, Joon 2, Vivica, Leonidas

Any feedback would be appreciated. I want to get the most out of my bench.

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I assume you will use all your 4* in offense, right? So:

Red: Scarlett definitely, great tile damage. Sumitomo and Lancelot if you have enough mats for them. They’re alright but not as good as Scarlett imo.

Green: Caedmon sounds good. I don’t know about Kashrekk though, he could be decent on offense. Max Caedmon first.

Blue: Kiril + Grimm is better than Grimm + Grimm 2 (in a blue stack). So max Kiril first, then a second Grimm.

Purple: I’d max 2 Proteus and Merlin but not sure about maxing Gafar. He could be good in field aid. I don’t have him so I’m not sure.

Yellow: I think one Li Xiu is enough for wars :sweat_smile: Wait for another 4* yellow before maxing a second Li.

I agree with most of your rejected 4*, except Jack O’ Hare. He hits as hard as Skittleskull but he’s way faster. I regret maxing Skittles but Jack is pretty good despite the def down. I always use him in wars. Caedmon and Jack shoot at the same time. Anyway, hope it helps :+1:


Thanks SirGorash - this is just the kind of feedback I’m hungry for.

It’s great to hear that Jack O’Hare is viable! People treat the rabbit heroes like memes.

But the main thing is - I appreciate you calling out heroes that work well for offense, vs ones that aren’t so strong (Gafar, Kasshrek).

Cheers :beer:

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You may want to reconsider the following heroes:

  • Gormek: He’s another Grimm but a different color. His -def is nice in a red stack to take out a green tank.
  • Ameonna: We have a few people in our alliance that swear by her. She’s on my shortlist to level so this is based on their feedback. Put her in a purple stack. When in ghost form her damage is increased and she can’t be killed.
  • Delilah: 2 words - Field Aid. Drop her in the corner and your opponents will likely use more than 1 flag on your defense. She’s faster than Viv and her minions protect her. She also makes an irritating tank if your alliance runs yellow tanks.

You might want to think about a Boril. Extremely useful for wars.

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Of your ignore list, I’d take issue with two. First, Gormek may be average mana, but he has a crap ton of HP, so he is pretty likely to go off. His tile damage is garbage, but what you really want from him is that 6 turns of def down. I know I am biased because he is my best red, and I use him everyday, but don’t sleep on The Hungry One.

The other one I’d encourage you to think about is Ameonna. Yes, she is super squishy, but she hits like a truck, and even more so with her special active. Plus she is fast mana. But the real advantage to Ameonna is that, when she disappears, you are 100% guaranteed not to lose the raid for four turns, because she can’t be killed. Like, at all. So you get four free turns to pour tiles into your opponent, even if the rest of your crew is dead. It comes in handy more often than you’d think. My 3^60 Ameonna gets out in every single AW I’m in.


I agree. He could work well with Lancelot and Sumitomo since they’re all average speed. But OP said he has a preference for 4* fast speed heroes. That’s why I didn’t mention big ol’ Gormek.

@LadySuzanne Delilah is great. Wish I had one.

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Sadly, I don’t have one either but several in my alliance do. I’ve been drooling all week as we decided to run yellow tanks for field aid. All these beautiful Delilah’s and there’s Viv staring back at me from my team :unamused:

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Well… Better Viv staring back at you than scary Leonidas, am I right? :joy:

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only one here I’m iffy on is Li Xiu x2. Her damage is mediocre, she’s a decent tank for a 4* but that’s where she’s best at. One is definitely enough

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Hey, don’t be picking on my boy Leo. He’s doing work for me in monk class trials right now, even at 2^60!

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Agree. I’ve drawn 5 Li Xius in the last month or two. Fed all the dupes to her, since she is my current leveling project. Thought I could level her special faster that way. Only one of the dupes actually made her special level, and every one was part of a 10-feed with nine other feeders. :angry:

Agree with this. I haven’t leveled her up by her damage, I don’t really care about that. The important thing was to make her and Proteus BFF, as their effects don’t interfere with each other. Removing Hänsel, Gretel and Merlin, she will be well paired with other mana direct reduction heroes, with mana delay heroes and most important, with Mana freeze heroes.

Put this as in 1st place of your meta-strategy and go Li + Proteus first. That combo will prevent many enemies from firing. I went first with Hel instead of Proteus, but the Strategy remains the same, and eventually both will be fully leveled up.

Agree with this too. About Sumitomo vs Sir lancelot, there’s a topic about who to choose from those 2. I went with Sir lancelot, as I like team empowerers, and I don’t usually like selfish heroes like Sumitomo. Furthermore, Counterattack in a single hero means a 20% chance of throw damage back to the emeny, which isn’t a good investtment for average mana

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Thank you to all responders!

This information is so clutch, and with every comment I can cross-reference it with others, to find out where everybody is aligned on a hero.

Thanks to everybody whose posted, and who might post, and what the hell - anybody reading this. The community here is very helpful and earnest. Means a lot.

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I totally agree with those who said reconsider Gormek. I use him, Lance and Scarlett together and they make a great combo. Lance’s attack up and Gormek’s defense down greatly increase my damage output, and Scarlett with her fast mana speed takes great advantage of it.

I’m not sure about the order of Reds. probably Scarlett first because you prefer fast mana, then Lance because he increases mana speed (I use him with my critical heroes like Proteus and Kiril, and he combos well with other reds). then Gormek. but you could switch it around, Gormek’s high health usually makes him my last hero standing in difficult wars.

Li makes a great tank, and she served me well as my raid defense tank for a while. she’s not bad on offense either. yes she’s average mana, but she can buy you a few critical turns.

Proteus is my best 4*, my MVP. definitely him. He was my second 4*, and he made a difference even against Purple enemies in raids and wars. sometimes I even bring him against purple tanks, he’s just that useful.

also agree with Jack O’Hare. he’s fast and hits very hard. my Jack usually fires his special 2 times before going down, because of his high speed. best used with a healer to help offset the defense down.

I have both Kiril and Triton. they make a great combo. But I would do Kiril first before Triton, Kiril is sturdier and more versatile.

those are the only ones I have, so can’t really comment on the rest. I do have Skittleskull too, but she’s slow. that said, her tile damage is excellent and her special (if it goes off) is very helpful too. But you already have at least 3 Greens in line ahead anyway.

Where is Wu Kong???

Don’t worry, the monkey is in good care. He’s at 4/70 attending nearly every titan fight.

These are my maxed 4-stars:

Red: Wilbur, Boldtusk (emblem level 18 lol)
Blue: Boril, Grimm, Sonya
Green: Hansel, Melendor
Yellow: Wu Kong, G. Jackall
Purple: Rigard

Once upon a time, Boril was the key to my offense and defense. I’ll always have a soft spot for that dwarf in my <3


6 would be an appropriate amount. Perhaps more. I have 8 right now, and that is just in 4*. I also like everyone I bring to survive the war battle. I mean, I feel so guilty if I get them killed because I neglected to bring a medic!