[Primer] What do forum “Likes” do? Or use your "Likes"

This makes me feel guilty that I get extra likes since I dont think I’ve ever even come close to reaching the limit.

This is the really hilarious part for me. I will front Teluria (Plant Girl!) any day of the week in raids ot war without fear!! A fast +18 Kashhrek with a level 23 mana troop is absolutely fearsome!! When someone (with actual influence) realises you can team up Kash’ with Brynhild for a really nasty tank flank combo…

Tears might be shed!

@dw_Zephyr. Such humble beginnings! I had no idea; by the time I started taking notice of forum personalities you were already a fixture!

LOL yeah I was just joking with the comparison stuff… I wish I had more forum likes to give out, but truth be told, even 100 wouldn’t be enough. I’d probably “like” almost every post if I could, even the ones I disagree with.

Why? What are they good for?

To that I say, what do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinocerous?

Elephino :man_shrugging:

I just “like” letting other posters know that I “liked” reading their posts. :slightly_smiling_face:

But yeah I’m sort of in agreement with you there, Telluria isn’t all that scary on her own. She’s scarier when she brings scary friends along with her, and I’m sure Kash is capable of the same. Personally, the hero that keeps giving me the hardest time is Vela. She’s a beast! But I really don’t sweat it much. If she kills me, she kills me. It’s just a game. :grin:

Vela? Really?? I have read these posts about this fearsome combo of Plant Girl! and Vela (tank and flank OR left flank and wing (Plant Girl! always dies on right flank)… The point is, I just don’t get it? I was up against those two the other night (and I can’t really see the boards that well because i trod on my glasses… Replacements? “Corona virus Rules!”… So I’m blind. I digress…

Vela announces herself with the bucket of cold water special (that does no real damage) and all it does is get my attention and so she gets secondary consideration as a primary target (as long as I keep Plant Girl!'s mana under control she is a definite primary target). It often ends up badly for both of them. The thing is, my roster is nothing special, if anything, it is bland.


I like to gin\ve out likes indiscriminately if I can, but it seems I can’t. However, some specific people are always thoughtful, informative, polite and respectful. They are the targets of my likes!

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Yeah, Vela gives me trouble. Probably due to her fast mana, she tends to drop more than one bucket of water on me at a time. :laughing: But almost all of my roster is season one, and my TP is still below 4k, so most of my raids are a struggle anyway. :grin:

Back on topic… I’m currently out of likes to distribute, probably because I’ve been hanging around here all night. That’s what happens when you’ve been stuck at home for a month and already seen every single rerun on television :crazy_face:


You are averaging 1.38995 likes per day which is 110.31x better than one of my forum heroes who posts 0.0126 likes per day ( 640+ days ).

Enjoy the forum the way you want.

Though the forum algorithms ( search, summarize, etc. ) do work BETTER the more you like posts, and replies, you do like.

Similar to ratings on Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks.

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Wow thanks for the stats haha. My daily rate is a lot lower than anticipated. I’ll let you have one of my daily likes. Now I just need to find a way to spend the other .38995

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You did not bookmark my artisanal table?

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Apologies, I should have searched before asking a dumb question. I just thought my votes were being blocked because Petri doesn’t like me and doesn’t give a damn about my stupid opinions. :laughing:


Just noticed it now, actually lol

But Petri increased the moderator votes a while ago…I found his PM where he said he increased them, but not what he increased them too.

I don’t think he touched the other TLs, though.

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No, no, they let you vote on things so they know what you’ll like…so they can skip those ideas in particular. :face_with_monocle:

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That makes sense.

In that case, I vote that they

  • lower summoning odds for epic and legendary heroes from every portal
  • increase prices for gems, and stop offering discount deals
  • reduce the drop rate for unfarmable ascension materials



( teasing ) That is very easy to find out. Just give me your passphrase and your security token.

Was it 2019-March?
(Increased votes! ❤)


Click for notes

Actually it IS a bit of work.

If you want ( For Science! ):

Bookmark random suggestions
( Example:#ideas-feature-requests after:2019-05-27 before:2019-05-30 )

Vote ( 38 currently )

Count votes when done

Recount if not multiple of 10.

Go through latest bookmarks
(Example: https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/u/Gryphonknight/activity/bookmarks)

Remove vote


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Yes, looks like that post from Kerridoc was 2 days after the PM from Petri. :+1:

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In my search for likes :wink: I came across this post. I also received this message, but was still able to give likes. Can you explain that to me?

Sometimes it’ll look like the :heart: has lit up, but if you reload the page, you’ll see it didn’t actually save.


Thank you, I will watch this.
EDIT: tested. As you wrote. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a like. :wink:


Summarize button

I love the summarize button.

This also works with the summarize filter:

So if you are using the summarize filter, clicking the link button will tell you the actual post number.

Most times refresh page will also work, but sometimes not.

My bad.

Discourse.org is always evolving, like many MMO, so the only documentation is their forum, and it is not always clear.

Still seems weird that the owner of a forum is still leader ( trust level 4 ) and still has limited likes.

Maybe the admin control panel lets them reset an account’s likes.

Appears staff is exempt from like limits. So staff must be trust level 4+ .

But likes might have a bug


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What do likes do?

They let forum posters know that other forum posters either agree with what they said, or found it amusing in some way.

Additionally, a poster who gets a lot of “likes” can eventually earn forum badges for those likes.

What do forum badges do?

They let a poster be able to brag about their forum badges.

So they’re essentially useless? In that case, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

Not useless. They are an achievement for those who earned them, and it makes them feel good for having received them.

Yeah who cares? That and $5 can buy me a cup of coffee.

Um… do you happen to play E&P, by any chance?

Heck yeah I play. I play a lot. I’m very good at it.

Do you have a lot of trophies?

Hellz yeah. I’m usually top 1% in trophy counts.

And uh… what does that mean?

It means I’m really good at the game.

Yeah, cool. Does being really good at E&P give you a free cup of coffee?


You have your thing? I have mine. :grin:


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