[Primer] Revenge Bar part 2

[Primer] Revenge Bar Pt 02

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See part 01 for background.

Fast mana speed
Because of the X turns to clear the board, fast mana speed is king. It might be different if debuffs were persistent, like HP. But currently fast mana speed is king since any DOT, defense debuff and attack debuff are lost at the end of combat.

Perhaps on purpose, many HotM are fast mana.

Splash damage
Because of the X turns to clear the board, and faster Revenge bar with less enemy heroes, ally heroes with fast mana speed and splash damage are most versatile.

Fast mana speed, and single target are good for getting Rigard/ Melendor/ Sabina out of the corner. Dead enemy healers are always good. But if you kill a defense hero, the revenge bar speeds up.

Most fast mana speed single target are tanky, but the Revenge bar takes a flat 25% of their maximum HP, so choosing targets for their special can take practice. Almost dead enemies might be better than all dead enemies , except enemy healers are always best dead.

Fast mana speed, splash damage does slightly less damage to target, and 50% damage to nearby, so it lets you damage a corner healer and the enemy nearby. Or the center tank and both flank. Or the last three enemies on the left when they are almost dead. Fast mana speed, Splash damage heroes give you lots of versatility.

Double strong colors
If a defense team has two, or more, heroes of the same color, it might be tempting to use triple heroes of a color strong against them.

Because of the X turns to clear the board, using double heroes of a strong color hurts your attacking heroes less than using triple heroes if the boards you are given lack the strong colors. A possibility with the hard limit on board matches.

A Double green attack team is hurt less by a lack of green board matches than a triple green attack team.

It is still worth replacing any heroes weak against the enemy’s same color heroes with a hero strong against that color.

Enemy has double Green heroes,
Replace your blue hero, weak against green,
With a good red hero, for double red heroes Strong against green.

Double strong and double neutral colors
Double heroes of a strong color and double heroes of a neutral color are not as strong as triple heroes of the strong color, but let you match the double strong color and then make matches of the double neutral color. You will still get clumps of orphan colors ( no hero present ) but the clumps will be smaller.

This is very useful if the enemy lacks a strong/ weak color pair like purple/ yellow or blue/ red because of their team setup or the strong/ weak color pair have been killed.

Enemy has double Green heroes, a blue, a red, and a dead purple,
Replace your blue hero, weak against green,
With a good red hero, for double red heroes both Strong against green,
Use double purple with one yellow or double yellow with one purple, since they are neutral versus green, blue and red.

Strong/ weak pair s ( missing both colors)- neutral attack color

Purple/ yellow - Purple or Yellow
Blue/ red- Green
Green/ blue- Red
Red/ green- Blue