Price of deals

Can i buy the £99.99 deal in us dollars as that would only cost £75. That is a 25% difference. Not very fair i think.

It’s $139.99 Canadian!

I agree the pricing and exchange rates create a large advantage/disadvantage depending on your location.

Sg don’t actually set the rates thou, Google and apple do. That’s why the difference is the same in all games on the market.

Sg inform Google and apple of the price in their own currency they want to sell items at, and then Google and apple set the costs in all other currencies using the standard exchange rate

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Unfortunately I know that the UK pricing structure was set almost immediately after the brexit vote was confirmed, and the pound took a mini nose dive for 2or3 days before bouncing back.
But like most industry’s (fuel & energy being best example) when there’s a crash the cost change immediately, but when there’s a climb the charges rarely change back as its to their advantage

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Don’t know how it works in UK but did you concider that the US price is without any taxes? Is it the same in UK?

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In Malaysia, it is USD96 equivalent for the same deal.

I look at the tonic deal, and told myself if TC 20 drop a lianna, I will buy it. Dropped a Jahangir instead. Save my money.

Right now I don’t have a good green and red 5* to justify spending on those mats.