Price for crystals!

players let know what prices you have in the country for the crystals !!! strongly high or not.

these are the prices in Russia.

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And these are for IOS in Brazil (yes, android has different values)

Just so you know, common salary in Brazil is 937 :sob::sob:

Edit: Exchange rate: 3,279. Final price seems pretty consistent with US prices without taxes

prices you have big…:astonished::astonished::astonished:

something the people do not actively share the prices of their country … where all the players and forum people, or this topic is not interesting? I’m wondering what the prices are in other countries :slight_smile:

From the Netherlands, IOS:

Here is my U.S. screen. Note that a state-specific sales tax is imposed by Apple or Google, so these numbers understate the delivered cost for most Americans.

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It helps to know:

  • Android or IOS
  • Exchange Rate

I used to find the differences of other countries against the US dollar. What it didn’t tell me was where the change was coming from (taxes, etc$.

Germany, Andriod, Exchange rate: 0,81.
So 10.000 Gems would cost 135,79 $ !!


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