Price difference between android and iOS?


I happened to notice that the holiday special was priced at $9.99 for me on my android, but $8.99 each for my wife on her iPhone. Is this intentional?


Noticed the same. Would be interested to know why.

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From what I remember, Android/IOS set the prices, Devs (apps) sell units. (Keep in mind additional price differential in different countries.)

I had a great little chart explaining it, but naturally I can’t find it right now… :roll_eyes:

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We are in the same household so no difference because of currency/country. And I know that android and iOS have their own policies on the sale of apps, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense for them to have different prices for micro-transactions within the game itself.

Especially since iOS and android have the same fee for transactions as far as I know. Oh well, as long as this is the case I just won’t be spending any more money for anything in Empires and Puzzles.


I think if it’s a policy set by the Playstores (Android vs IOS) then it’s unfair to punish the Developer in not spending. You’d be better off boycotting the more expensive playstore.

This is why I’d be interested to know. If Google Play is being more greedy on their pricing, I’m likely to buy less from them and more from Apple. (We have both in our household).

Can anyone shed some light on where the pricing difference stems? Is it a margin put on by the Play Store, or is this a SG pricing policy?


More often ios is more expensive, the event deal was in the Netherlands 0.99 euro for android and 1.09 euro for ios. This deal is for both 9.99 euro here, so I guess your wife can just be glad she got an extra discount?
Or you can stop spending alltogether because you feel nobody (not even your wife) can get a better deal than you. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: