Price diferance


Why when the epic deal comes up I got charged 27.99 (I live in Canada) and the price for my friends in the u.s is 19.99, I understand the Canadian dollar sucks, but when I make purchase my credit card gets dinged for the exchange again, I have purchased a lot of iTunes cards and also used my credit card on this game and its happened every time, I callled iTunes they said it is a game dev’s issue not theirs and will not reimburse me.whats up with that.


I’ve never understood it, but I’ve seen it in every game I’ve played online. :confused:


Same as Rook, it happens in all the games I’ve ever seen. The Aussie dollar is weaker than the US but if you count out the exchange rate difference it doesn’t add up.


I agree why the different prices we Canadian get squeese way to much the pices for stuff are to high if they were lower i buy more


Itunes apple set the prices for each band. Games provide items for each price band. Earlier this year UK prices were increased by Apple by 25% upwards. Apple also take a huge chunk of the sale.


I’m not 100% sure, but the Dev’s are also likely having to pay some kind of taxes, but it’s pretty mean that they’re passing that cost onto you.

They’re selling digital goods, so it’s pretty shady that they’re THAT worried about keeping their profits up. It’s not like they incur a manufacturing cost to make another pack. Their overhead is static, and costs grow by game activity, not increased sales. I think their marketing team needs some help.


Not at all, that’s business.

Agree they need help in the marketing department though.