Preview Emblems

A lot of the discussion in our Alliance advice chat centers around who to use emblems on, which path to take, and where stats will end up.

It would be really helpful to be able to preview your hero with the emblems you are going to put on, that way it’s easier to make an informed decision on the path.

Yes, you could just add it up yourself, which is fine for me, but some people are super visual creatures and it would help them to see it on the card.

I like this idea a lot. it would be fun to select a path, look at the card and then ‘apply’ if you like it. Allow the user to select multiple emblems, but make the ones that the user doesn’t have materials for “RED”… just to properly project.


Have you seen the talent calculator someone put together? I’d much rather see it built into the game interface, as you’re suggesting. I’m just wondering if you’ve tried that out yet.

edit: Here is one of them. I think that I’ve seen others. Haven’t fact-checked this one completely.


I have seen the calculator, but I haven’t used it myself.

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This idea got my vote

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I’m all for Quality of Life improvement requests made in a reasonable manner.

Voted as well