Preventing alliance nuking

This idea has been brought on by the situations I’ve delt with and have been trying to bring awareness of. ALLIANCE NUKING (unexpected mass kicking usually ending with 25%-75% of the alliance kicked) IS A THING AND COULD BE PREVENTED BY LESS RELAXED PROMOTION RULES WITHIN THE ALLIANCE… however there are alliances out there that use promotions differently and shouldn’t have to fall victim to nuking to learn how to prevent it. My proposal is simple. And yes this is an idea I would like to see happen and not just an advice column on how to run your alliance.

  1. Do not allow elders to kick members.
  2. Only allow a co lead to kick up to 3 ppl of lower rank within a 1 hr time frame- there are very few situations where more than 3 ppl in the alliance should need to be kicked within that time frame.
    3/optional idea based off of 1 and 2. Give the leads an Option screen of what the co leads or elders have the power to do. Some leads would prefer elders not accept ppl into the alliance some designate jobs such as kicks to one co. And if an elder or co are granted access to kicking give options of a max number of kicks in an option of time frames.

This would not only protect alliances from being nuked by a disgruntled elder or co but also open up power ranks as some feel there should be more options of rankings

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