Prevent screen burn (applicable to all AMOLED screens)


I’ve noticed that my screen is burned because of playing this game as intended by the developer. What happens is that this game wan’t us to raid for long periods of time (farming/wars/raids…), but if we’ve high-end devices like Galaxy’s or iPhoneX, it’s a matter of time until your screen is burned…
I believe that this is something that the developer should be aware and they should act responsible about this.

AMOLED screens will eventually (in 6 months/1 year/ 1week) look like the one showing in this issue:

Developers can wash their hands and just say, play responsible and not for a long periods of time; but we all passed that right?

Actually there are several technics that can be used to prevent this issue, and the devs with small changes, can allow their users to continue playing the game as before and not be damaging their devices.

Some solutions that you could apply:

  • while on “auto”, the bottom section (that is not enabled after all) should be dimmed (grey-out) and also the screen brightness should be reduced;
  • Reduce the overall brightness (specially those whites) from the bottom section and cleverly change positions between transitions to also reduce the burn.

maybe time to get a new phone


Great answer :rofl: Probably replace the screen is enough.
I’m pretty sure, if I have to buy a new phone I would not install this game :roll_eyes:


Maybe I’m being thick, but couldn’t you dim your own screen for long playing sessions? I do that anyway for my eyes lol


I’m sure that would help…It’s the flashing white borders around the heroes that are the most pronounced…I know some of the phones with the always on screens and the on screen phone buttons have code that moves the buttons around slightly over time to minimize burn in. I’m sure there would be some ways to minimize it but it is a problem with all amoled screens eventually.


The game may be able to add a pixel shift technology to counter this -

Basically you leave a row of pixels free on one side and shift back and forth, it’s not really that noticeable

You can run screen conditioners to help with this - they don’t work great is the burned in image is caused by really high brightness (they cycle through colors at the highest technicolor settings to try and Fade the images)

It’s the static frames that will get you and can’t reasonably replace these kinds of screens with same quality unless it’s from an eBay donor or something —-$$$

Knowing my luck, this is what would be burned into my screen … his ghostly image hovering - Jor—El like, on everything from Tinder to cute pet pics… judging me…


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