Prevent paralles attacks in raid

We all know - when player online nobody can attack him (except revenge in TOP 100). But when player offline he can be attacked 10-30 times per 1-2 minutes (do not forget - we have only ONE free raid energy per 1 hour). I think it must be changed and limited. So:

  1. Revenge must be available always (even if player online)
  2. Quantity of parallel attacks must be limited (not more than one per player at the same time)

I always wonder how is it possible that if you sum up the quantities of ham and iron the looters get from your WT under such circumstances, it surpasses by far the quantities you had stored in there at the moment of the attacks… heck, at times, when 10 - 15 attacks occur at the same time, if you do the math, they get more iron than the total WT storage capacity…

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The same applies to cups. In fact, this can be called a bug. Although it is obvious that all this was invented in order to force the player to be constantly online. But when you offline you can be attacked 10-30 times per minute (-45 cups each for example)

To be very honest, I really don’t mind about the volume of raid attacks, wins or losses at any time …
The cups mean absolutely nothing.
My alt account gets raided constantly- that’s because I can’t do the “formations” there and so the big guns attack it time after time for ten or so trophies… I have to ask myself why?
And on my main account I don’t bother too much with raiding because the loot chests are pants and I can still finish POV without ticking off the raid box


I know that cups mean nothing for three years now (when the mechanics of selecting an enemy for war were changed). I just think this moment is illogical. Additionally, I recently encountered a situation where I cannot get revenge because not all players did fit into the list of those who attacked me…

Neither do I, even if there was a time I shared the OP’s view on the matter. Now I think of it as bussiness as usual. Unfortunately, now, for this to happen I have to go beyond 2800 cups. Threshold grew higher and higher, I remember it happening around 2400, than 2500, 2600, 2700 and now it clicks around 2800. Always wondered what makes this attack frenezy behavior pattern kick in… I still believe that the algorythm, somehow, pushes targets towards the top of the re-roll pull, suddenly making it available for all players re-rolling at that moment. That would, partially at least, expalin how, out of the thousands of available targets, all those players target you at the same time. Of course, there might be other factors, like they’re hunting for cups (this kind of cluster attack always have an overwhelming cup ratio favoring the attacker). But still, it happened to me many times, to many to keep count, to re-roll the same (cup ratio alluring) target twice or more in only a few re-roll attempts. Now, without some kind of help from the algorythm, it would be impossible to re-roll the same name three times in 20 attempts, out of thousands of available targets. OK, might happen once, twice even, but not as often as it does. I wonder if anyone kept track on this matter, or even noticed it… bottom line, I see this as a good thing now, looking forward to all the revenge opportunities that will become available.

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