Prevent alliance hopping titan strikes

Please add a feature that allows alliance leadership to turn on a rule that prevents people from popping into an alliance solely to attack the titan. The rule would be that players would not be allowed to attack titans until they’ve been in the alliance for 24 hours. If this rule is turned on, leadership should have the ability to approve any given play in advance of the 24 hours.

I don’t think this should impact existing alliance members and leadership should not have the ability to un-approve once approved.

You do have the option to set your alliance to Invite Only rather than open, so only players who are Elder or higher are able to allow others to enter. :thinking:


You got there before me lol……
Set the alliance to “Invite Only”


And what about the Mercs trying to help out lower level alliances when their just not up to getting the job done

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Personally I think it’s very easy to manage.

From previous experience if you don’t want people hopping in - then set the alliance to “invite only”.

If there are occasions that you really need mercs - then the leadership team can call them into the alliance as and when - just switch between “Open” and “Invite Only”

Simple … that’s what we have done previously


Whilst I agree that setting to invite only is an option. For some smaller alliances they only get players from the alliance pop ups when people join as recruitment can be such a pain. Staying as Open is needed for them.

Whilst the majority of Mercs are considerate and Merc when invited. There are unfortunately also some who see an open alliance as free titan and don’t pay attention to possibly members of the alliance still having not hit yet and needing still for POV.

The inconsiderate ones need turfed.


We’ve had this in a number of places. I’m not a fan of Invite Only as we want to be there for newcomers too.
But if you use Invite Only and you need a merc, then invite him!
Otherwise, as with participation in war, the leader should be able to determine who may participate. Reasons may be discussed in the chat. Easy and done.

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Unfortunately you are soooo right. :roll_eyes:

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I have only popped into small alliances to one-shot their titan a few hundred times, so the need for this feature seems rare.

Alliances with “I/O” often send out a call but do not take down the sign. Very annoying

This is a good argument…almost.

Most times this happens, the titan has been hit enough to make it an attractive target for the poacher; however, it is true most times that there is 8 hours or less before escape. That means every alliance member has had time to act.

No tears

RL hits you hard sometimes. And then you have little time for the titan. We take that into account. We are family and not that competitive. If the titan is too strong, we let him go. And a merc who cleans up without being asked is a XXXXXXX (insert your favorite swear word). I mean, the next titan will be even stronger. It’s our decision.


Nah, for players who only log in once/ twice a day the titan can quite easily be alive more than 14 hours between spawn time and real life committments before someone uses a hit. Eg during work week if a titan spawns 11 o’clock at night my time I quite easily may not hit until after work the next day which will easily be in the last 8 hours.

It’s just being considerate, if you’ve not been asked to hit the titan, and the alliance has any players who have been online the last 2 days, you ask if it’s ok to kill. There are plenty of zombie alliances around where no-one been online in years that can be found instead, or the chats always have people looking for mercs. There’s not need to go stealing titans.


As you describe it, you are not meeting your obligations.

What obligations? My only obligations are to provide for my family and pay my bills.

Different alliances have different requirements s. Not everywhere requires hits on titans within certain hours of spawning. Some places are casual and play it as a game.

There’s just no need to steal titans. Plenty of alliances want Mercs, and there’s plenty of actual dead alliances with titans that are easy to find. This isn’t a difficult concept.

I have no argument about family/rl obligations.

However, if you see no obligation to alliance, then, why would a merc

We don’t want it invite only. We want people to join if they have the trophies, but we’re not low level so we don’t need alliance hoppers.

We don’t want invite only. We want an option to turn on that prevents hoppers.

Then you have what you have allowed it to be …
An Open alliance that anybody can join …
You have to find a way yourselves to weed out any unwanted “hoppers” and kick them out of the alliance.
SG / Zynga are not going to spend money on a feature that prevents new members from attacking a Titan in the first 24 hours of joining - why would they give that away for free?
And can you imagine the feedback from players genuinely moving alliances? Why should they be penalised?
You get nothing for free - not in this game

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Um… Making your alliance invite only solves the uninvited players hopping into your alliance :woman_shrugging:. Regardless, GL.

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