Press F for Aleksi Laiho

The globally renowned lead guitarist of the late band Children of Bodom has died.
Our leading alliance Children of BrokenCondom has decided to do a voluntary “reach global top100” challenge inclusive adding featured message “press F for Laiho!”.

I won’t bother to repeat anything easily googleable, but I’ll leave an introductory link for anyone interested in their music.

In your Face,



This is indeed a very sad news. He was one of the most melodious metal guitarists of our generation. Love his guitar solo on the track Downfall. CoB was such big part of my growing up years. It’s hard to believe that he would leave us so soon

RIP Alexi Laiho. :metal:

Sorry to hear this. As a metal fan I’m surprised I’ve never heard any of their stuff. Playing it right now, sorry it took a death for me to find a good new band. Rock on and rest in peace young man.

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