Presents! ;)

Presents/Gifts for 3,49 €!

I quote:
They were both in use for the idea of something undergoing a transfer of possession without expectation of payment from the 13th century onward.

Without expectation of payment! Sorry, but I need to talk about this topic. I think that would be such a beautiful present from SG. 400 Gems and 1 month VIP pass for 0,00 €. Wow, I would appreciate it very much, but now it appears just as greed from a soulless company. It would be such a nice present at Christmas but no, no…
It hurt my feelings :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t get it, it’s a good offer. Even if you already own the VIP pass. Normally for that price you get 400 gems only, now you get 400 gem + 900 gem (30x30 days) + extra builder + daily loot tickets + extra summon (even if that generates feeders only). It’s awesome.


You don’t want to understand. Shall I repeat? Present/Gift = costless
Sometimes you have to give instead of taking and taking…

I just think it would have been a very nice present, a great chance to show your player base gratitude and not that they are nothing as customer.


What are you talking about? It’s 1300 gems, double builders, and 90 loot tickets for $3. I’m probly the king of complaints and even i think this is an awesome deal


Would agree with the OP… Definitely a wrong choice of words… ‘Offers from Rudolf!’ Or ‘Rudolf’s Offer’ would have been better. That is, if we’re taking the word presents as a noun… However, the grammar would be so wrong if the word was used as a verb…

Anyway, my VIP Pass was expiring so thanks SG!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Does the VIP stack?

Like, if I have VIP active with 20 days left, if I bought this would I then have 50 days?

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It does… 20 character rules… bah


I’m sure this is an awesome deal but not a present! JMarcus got it right :+1:


I saw this offer and checked when my vip was expiring. It was 3 days away! So i jumped on this offer too!

People tend to whine about everything these days…

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I bought it. Didn’t need it.

Got my 3rd Evelyn with the gems.

Yeah it’s a steal.

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Whining is annoying but not that much like the houndred of offers in this game. Don’t pi** me off with your rip off and I’ll end the whining/complaining.

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I don’t get why people who are pissed off at the game stay. Its the oddest thing.

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Deep in their heart they love the game.

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You might want to edit those personal details out as quickly as you can

@Rook @Kerridoc @JonahTheBard maybe one of you can help fix Pixie22 post?


I think SG have already given some nice free bonuses this festive season! Isn’t it a bit greedy to want even more free things based on a technical semantics? The present is the 30 day VIP when you buy the gems.

At my work you get a free present ($5 cooler bag) when you spend $50. A business can’t just give stuff away all the time or they don’t make any money (the whole purpose of a business).

Try to be happy with the 6 totally free gifts you get this season instead of asking for more more more.


Personally I think this complaint belongs in this thread lololol

I don’t want more more… I want 400 gems and one month VIP for free. The calendar gifts are… Maybe there is a token coming but I’ll pull crap so…

If sb. wants, he/she/it can move the thread but I don’t care :smile:

Imho you are correct. You can’t say:
“Here’s a gift! … BUT you gotta pay.”

Is that picture related? No. No it is not. There is a “they gotta pay” quote I had in my head from family guy. But alas, it is not board appropriate :laughing:

You’re also right. It is a good offer :slight_smile:

That’s pretty mean spirited to refer to someone’s complaint as ridiculous when it isn’t ridiculous.

you know Santa sees you rite?


But we all know what the “present” would be if it was “free”. 15 gems and 2 days of VIP :wink:

I take good “cheap as duck” offer as a “gift” over “here, take your 5 wood pieces and a farmable 4 star ingredient completely free”.

Ever been given these 20€ “free gift” vouchers, that you can use only when you buy things for at least 100€? I think we could argue about the semantics there, but it all go down to the good old topic of people want premium stuff for free but no one is giving premium stuff for free. Try once and people only get more and more demanding.


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