Prepping for Avalon; what items should I make?

Don’t forget to take Wu Kong with the team.

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For stage 10 of Legendary, it’s not all that complicated. Take 5 each of axes, bombs and dragon attacks with you. Do your best to keep every hero alive until the bosses and have everyone charged up when they appear. Then just fire everything at the bosses right at the start, focussing on Guin.
It is a bit expensive itemwise, but totally worth it looking at the rewards. First time I was able to finish Legendary like this was with a team of 3* and 4* heroes

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Thanks everyone! Your advice is much appreciated! Looks like I have a lot of items oto make. Hopefully next event I can upgrade a forge to level 18 and get those time stops :wink:

I stock up on mana potions, time stops, tornados, dragon attacks, bombs, axes, arrows and revive scrolls.

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I always carry axes, arrows, bombs, then usually mana or health potions

Haven’t had too much of an issue with any level for the past 2 events or so.

PS: I only use 1 5* (Joon) and he is just now almost at 80. So hoping it will be a bit easier with him maxed.

I don’t think this one is yellow reflect…

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Take the green potions cons Merlin and Morgana.

And if you have Melendor or Sabrina better for you. :wink:

I do not know, if you see the whole picture

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perfect thanks.

Guess I will add a red. Should have probably worked on another one but BT will do.

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Download the photos to share with your alliance

What do you think about using this team?

Gonna try to get Gormek to 60 or else I can use a maxed Caedmon. Or a maxed Falcon with BT.

i think you can tweak your team between the stages. If you gonna have a red boss, double blues and so on.

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The blue reflects in this event

I do not like my Wu Kong, I would put another monotarget hero if you have

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My Wu has saved me numerous times. I trust in Wu!

Wu is a game changer. Or game breaker. Just depends on if good Wu or bad Wu showed up. More often than not good Wu shows up


My team is sabina, boldtusk, chao, and hansel all of them maxed or almost maxed. I’ll be putting tiburtus instead of grimm in as well; he’s currently 4/45 and I’m power leveling him to hopefully 4/60 before the event starts. My wu isn’t very leveled, but in an event where hansel’s special can save my behind I’d probably leave wu out anyway. I have a rigard but needed to feed tibby more so the green pots will have to make up for it!

Thank you everyone for your advice—it’s much appreciated! I’m looking forward to having a bigger roster to choose from :wink:

Do you have another green hero leveled?

I have caedmon in third ascension but lack the materials to level both him and tibby. Plus I have almost enough materials to fully ascend a 5* green so am hesitant to use any until after season two because from the leaked info I’ve gathered there is an excellent 5* green hero (I have lianna and greg as well, neither of them very leveled).

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Make haste
Make amends
Make a meal of it
Make do
Make hay
Make up
Make love…not war (except on Wednesday and Saturday)

English version

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