Preparing to Alliance War

Hi, is there any possibility to obtain information about Alliance war and it’s operation? We need to improve Heroes but it should be better if we had a guideline to follow, or some indication.

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It is still in beta test, and from the first test to the last there were some significant changes, so at this time any information shared, while it may appear helpful, could really lead people the wrong way.


If we’re talking ruthless preparation for AW

If you have spare useful heroes laying around, level some to 60: you get 30 hero slots to use over the course of the war, granted there’s some use for level 1 heroes but if you are really focused on Wars (which I am, personal problem I know) then throwing some levels on heroes that don’t have any use for you otherwise is important.

Actually that’s an interesting probably unintended consequence to AW: Kelile isn’t a great 4* red compared to others (which I’ve already built), and Chao while I think he is better than people give him credit on raid attack and titans, also isn’t as good as some of my other options.

Previously I just ignored them; now I’m going to be taking them to 60 for sure, and if I have an excess of ascension items I may even take some of them to 70. Going to be doing the same with Rigard and Boldtusk too, but basically what I did was count the number of heroes I had at 70+ (19) then count the ones I had at 60+ (6) so I need 5 more heroes with some sloppy levels on them to optimize.

Fortunately it’s pretty cheap to get them to 60, whether your skills are capped at that level, well, sometimes I get unlucky haha, but really it’s all about the ability to soak hits and healers are useful in wars moreso than typical raids in my experience.

This probably applies even for comparatively new accounts: if you’re stuck on 3* and nothing to build, level some of those 2* heroes.


I echo Sleeper in that we don’t know the final form Alliance War is gonna take, but we believe—based on what has been seen so far in Beta—that you will want to keep and level all your heroes (4-5* taking priority, but 3* also being potentially useful).

I disagree on 2* right now, but testing isn’t finished yet. They may prove useful later on, I just don’t know at this point.

Yea, the short story is that you’ll do 6 attacks in every alliance war, and you can’t reuse heroes between those attacks. So level up 30 heroes to whatever level you can.

Let’s take your account Rook: do you have 30 3* or higher heroes? If not, you’re going to be using level 1 Aife’s and similar eventually, or you should be :slight_smile:

If you’re new, or If you’re bored sitting on a max 3* team as F2P and TC13 hasn’t given you anything more useful yet, if we’re just talking pure AW maximization leveling some 2* or even 1* absolutely is effective. Sure if you have 3’s and 4’s and maybe even 5’s laying around your account do those first… but that’s not the new player experience.

Again, I posted from a ruthless AW optimization perspective: you know me :slight_smile:

Think it’s fairly safe to say that other than maybe flag generation and duration of war and matchmaking SG is pretty well done other than some minor bugs and maybe quality of life improvements when it comes to AW. They have a winner, they need to get it released.

Actually if I had the time and wasn’t already thinking this game is something of a distraction I don’t need right now, I’d be considering trying a pure F2P newbie account as I think new alliance wars are going to be awesome actually if SG doesn’t do something horrendously stupid with the matchmaking.

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I have 35 heroes, 16 are 4*, 1 is 5*, Rest are 3*. Many are maxed.

My comment on 2* was based on trying and failing to kill one maxed 5* with my five maxed 3*. That was a few changes back though, so I want to be careful to reiterate, we don’t know the final form of Alliance Wars. :wink:

You forget that there will be matchmaking, so the beginners (if they are not in a high level alliance) won’t be facing those maxed 5s.
I agree with Revelate on this, at that level, 2
s might be useful.

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a lot of us are in that same boat too - but the goal if you just have a bunch of 3* or tier 1/2 folks left isn’t to try and wipe a 5* team, but to do as much damage as you can and get a few extra points.

I recognize we get different situations in Beta to try out the system.

repeats “We don’t yet know the final form” one last time :grin:

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But I think we do know that more heroes is better than fewer…so start leveling. :wink:


So, should we worry about keeping a stable of troops too?

Not needed.

Troops you can reuse.

  1. Do duplicate count as separate?
  2. Is it one on one player battle or alliance vs alliance battle?

Duplicate count as seperate.

The individual fights are 1 v 1 similar to the current raid mechanic with a balancing tweak thrown in (regular non-trivial damage done to your entire team when attacking).


I just wanted to not open a new thread but I’m interested in new circumstances since the update should roll out yet after the event.So any new things worth discussing? :slight_smile:

AW in beta has been shut for quite a while, nothing new.

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