Préparation phase and skipping the war

Hello everybody,
Because of the availability of our members, our alliance will not play every War of Alliances.
So I have been searching for a covenient way to setup a system inside the game (the chat is so buggy that it is useless with its permanent resets) because not everybody wants to install a new application like Line onto their phone only for a game.
Here’s what we do :
Step 1 : during the first half of the preparation phase, the members who do not wish to play remove their defense team to warn other players.
Step 2 : at the end of this period, those who want to play decide whether the alliance enter the war or not
Step 3-1 : if the answer is yes, all the members set again their defense team to help, even if they will not play in attack
Step 3-2 : if the answer is no, all the members remove their defense team and the alliance battle field is empty
We use the alliance description to warn the team, so they are sure to see the warnings at least when they come to fight the titan.
I know that this is not fair play for our opponents in active preparation to enjoy a good time but I can’t see any value in losing voluntarily.
I would be grateful to know if others alliances experience the same problems and the solution they found.
I hope that the devs will introduce an alternative way to not participate without harming others.


Good feedback for @Petri and SG. While I appreciate the improvements that SG made in locking down participation, there was a crucial step they didn’t implement: matching after people have flagged if they are participating or not. If pairing occurred only once teams were set (so people could opt out, for whatever reason), then each alliance would be better matched – or no match would occur at all, if there were no set defenses.


I would be the sole participant if I was in your alliance. Takes 1 minute to do an attack (using war energy) and then I get loot. I see no point in not taking free loot



great idea!


The loot is not free. You have to work for it.
And this work is bothersome and annoying.
Thus, you get paid for doing bothersome and annoying work.

Kind of reminds me of a daytime job. No matter how annoying it is, you have no choice.

For a daytime job, you get paid. That is why you do it.
For AW, some people would gladly skip the reward. But they feel an obligation to their alliance. So they clench their teeth and go through with it. Spending as little time as possible on that duty. Like you said: go in, attack, leave.

I think Grand Gousier has found a nice solution for their alliance.

Not every alliance member feels this obligation. And why should they?

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But instead of.skippimg. all anyone has to do is set a team and do 1 raid taking a minute or so. So 1 minute of play to get some loot

You see the loot (poor). What about the alliance score ?

War doesn’t impact alliance score

My question is, how can you skip out pass on a battle? I haven’t seen that option anywhere

By emptying your defense, but this hurts your alliance

Ok, so if I understand correctly you guys ask developers to make some changes for the players that actually don’t have time to make 6 attacks in 24 h (2times in week) ? Why developers should listen to your complaint when you you don’t have time to play his game anyway?

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because not every player enjoys the hassle, the bother and the annoyance. That is why.

And they gladly forego the loot, because to them it is not worth the hassle.

Different strokes for different folks.

I bet they do an opt out button in the future but this kind of players that don’t enjoy and don’t want to play the game at full capacity are not a priority for the devs.


I have news for you:
There are players who spend money on the game and who do not enjoy the wars.

Whether it is a good idea to drive off these players - and their wallets - is for the devs to decide.

Just one thing:
when a game becomes an unwelcome chore, that can lessen the enjoyment. Immensely.

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Who force this guys to play on wars? Till you get an opt out feature put some defense there for the good of others that enjoy wars and forget the war tab. If your alliance force you to play than search for another because your place is not there anyway.

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Let me spell this out for you:

There are players who are not forced to participate in these wars by anybody but themselves.

There are players who may have been with the alliance from its inception.
There are players who may be co-leader.
There are players who may be one of the best raiders and titan hitters in their alliance.
There are players who are actually able to utilize 30 maxed or at least serviceable 5* and 4* heroes.

And there are alliances who do not “force” such a player to participate in these wars. Because in these alliances, all members do their best. For the good of the alliance.

Thus, there are players who - themselves - feel an obligation to utilize their power and their heroes for the benefit of their alliance. Even in an activity which they detest. They do not have to be told. They do their duty of their own accord, because they do not wish to let their alliance down.

I strongly advocate making the matching AFTER the defense teams have been set.

This enables people to opt out, without harming their alliance.

Such an option would probably not help me.
But it would help many other players.


With all respect, not every player considers Wars as a “hassle…bother…annoyance”.

Please don’t assume your experience is the same as others, nor rob some of a new feature they may actually enjoy. :slight_smile:

I acknowledge that you personally do not enjoy it.


What you call “hassle, bother and annoyance” is what I call “playing the game”. Unlike the repetitive filling of chests, aw offers an unique battle every flag, where you can play around with different hero’s and evolve your game and understanding. At no cost in battle items, rating, cups or whatnot. There are, in my view, only upsides.

You make it perfectly clear through several posts in every thread regarding aw what your viewpoint is, even casting a veil of being the advocate of the masses that find it hard to live with AW. That doesn’t make said viewpoint universal or even widespread.

Can AW be better? Sure. Had SG said they’ll keep developing AW? Yes. I’m happy with that.

Thank you for your opinions and suggestions.
First point : @r4dioh3ad no offense but but you seem to neglect the human element of the game. We are an alliance a little old now (for a game) and ties have been formed between the members.I did an anonymous survey of the members : 50% are ready to play each war, 50% will play only not to forsake the other people (they would prefer to play in average once every two weeks) . No one wants to leave the alliance and no one wants to see another member leave. Here is what I have to manage. “If they do not have the time to play, they leave the game”, as I have seen in some posts, seems to me to a somewhat simplistic approach.
Thank you @AnjaValkyrie for having explained a few things much better than I could.
Second point : @Talisax, play once for a loot seems to me a selfish way. No offense again, but I have respect for all my opponents, and I would like to offer them the best they may expect : a good hard fight when we are able to.
In conclusion, it does not appear that a simple solution to solve my problem is at hand. I can but live and hope that the devs will take into account this side of things.
Thank you again for your attention. For me the subject is closed. Enjoy the game, whatever way you play.

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Ok… I’ll said already my opinion, the devs will find a way to give a opportunity for the players that don’t like wars to skip it. I was a little upset because there are some guys in this forum crying on every topic about the wars like babies. This game is evolving because is normal to evolve, the players need also to evolve. Maybe will find after one year players that kill titans and that’s all but is their problem. The game must go on with new additions and new challenges.

Yes. It is not a good idea to communicate when one is not in an upbeat mood.
It is preferable to withdraw. In my experience.
Which I will do for the time being.

It was pleasant, however, to learn that I am not alone

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