Preferred language in player profile / nationality flag in profile to show language

Why does only the alliance profile have preferred language? We have players from various countries and are fine with non English speaking players but, it would be a lot less work for us if the person could put their preferred language in their player profile. Then I would find it a little easier to communicate with them. Especially if they are Noobs and looking for help.

Having National Flags available to everyone to add them to their profile will not only help Leaders, and Co-leaders determine their alliance members language, to help with communication. But we are also able to show off our flag.

I have made some images below, to show case what they would look like.

I hope you consider adding this feature to our profiles !

Thank you Viper!

I would like for someones player profile to have preferred language (if they desire). I don’t know if other alliances would need this as many are very “exclusive” but, knowing (instead of trying to figure out) someones language would make it easier to communicate hints, advice, and battlefield plans. I get players from other countries.

sorry, for the stupid text format, just now having my coffee.

Yeah. It is a great way of discouraging forum users to read your written ideas and thoughts, even if it is so brilliant. Doubt you get as much favorable votes as you might wish.

But, I really don’t see much need for your request. If new members joined the alliance, might as well ask such player his home country, etc. That way, I can gauge if we can have a dialogue, discussing alliance rules, etc. If the player is unresponsive, does not hit or barely hits the titan, or messes up alliance war strategy, I will boot such player without batting an eyelash. But that’s just me.

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Fixed the post for you @Luigi. :wink:


Thanx, didn’t have time at the moment to figure out how to fix it as I was paged by my job for an emergency.

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Hello Petri, I hope is very good. Please can include the Costa Rican flag . Currently that flag is not included. Please indicate if it is with you or to whom I can write, more than a year ago it had already been requested and still nothing. Please helpppppppp… and thanks alot


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