Predictable tournaments

It’s not. My last tourney had 2 losses.

And not predictable at all - this tourney already 3 losses (although I have brought a healer almost every time after forgetting it is bloody battle, so I haven’t exactly helped my odds)

Screenshots? Videos? Without those the explanation is clear. He got confused/made a mistake

The list only keeps a limited number of attacks (I don’t remember if it is the last 20?). Could that be it?


5* bloody battle tournaments do feel like a joke now or 5* tournmanets in general. This one with no reds and on day 2 I get 4 defenses with Frigg; 3 on tank and 1 on flank… Winning without reds against Frigg tank, if it isn’t a lucky mono board, on bloody battle tournament, is almost impossible. And I’m getting almost always the most p2w defenses after first 2 days ranging between 4700-4800+ TP, when I spent a lot less than a typical p2w player. I don’t get how I can do the whole 5* tournament without a rebuy tbh. I’m not really a person, who complains much, but this is a little too much.

On 3* and 4* tournaments I do had some top 1% without rebuys from time to time. I don’t think I had 1 5* tournament ended at top1% without rebuy. The fact, that I rebuy, mostly depends on tournament defense team performance.

I don’t find mine follow the same pattern at all.

Some go exactly as you mention.

Some I lose 2 or 3 all up and don’t have to buy in.

This tourney I started off badly and got better… with 2 losses on day 1, 1 on day 2, 1 on day 3, 1 on day 4 and 1 on day 5 (bought in because my A defense almost guarantees a 1% finish as long as I do decently in offense).

In theory the pattern of do well initially and progressively do worse is the more likely, given you tend to face lesser defences in the early stages - day 3 onwards I have only faced 2.9k and 3k+ defences. But the outcome is very largely dependent on your own performance

The outcome (especially in 3 star tourneys) is dependent on boards. I lost a bunch in this one, which I normally don’t do, and they were all +20 Gunnar’s. I had 2 dispellers and never even saw enough dispeller color tiles on the board to get them half full. There’s no player in the game that could have won those boards.

It really depends on your heroes.
Against Gunnar you can either dispel it (Green or purple) or reverse it using yourself a c.Gunnar too. And that’s pretty much what i’ve done and ended 23-2.

Everytime i landed a Gunnar tank, 3-2 stack green and blue. Whoever color i could charge, both help me against him.

Another excellent combo i manage to obtain is a 3-2 red/blue using Frosty/Rudolph for massive minions protection.

You can add in the mix Kvasir.

Oh sure, green/blue stack with Kvasir on flank. It’s fantastic on paper, until the entire board comes up red and purple. Although, honestly, this might be for another thread, but board “action”, combinations and the cycling through of tiles coming up from the bottom is actually way more important than the actual color. If you can’t get a non-board match in 4 or 5 moves, your chances of winning decrease to probably about 25% at best.

Of course at least a decent board is required and unlucky raids are meant to happen.
I did end my journey on day 3 more often then what i want to admit, and i consider myself a good raider.

What i did notice, try to not put color before emblems.
I mean, even if you love to go mono (just saying) but you have only 4 emblemed of that color, i rather go 4-1.

That little advantage of tiles damage is not worth less team power.

This tournament was completly different this time. But i Will check again next tournament

This tournament again the same outcome. Yesterday all 5 won, today 3 losses. With impossible boards tot win

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