Predictable tournaments

Hi all,

Why does it looks like the tournaments the same predictable win/loss every time

This is the 7th time that i have won all 5 on the first Day, and always 3 losses the Day after?

And yes, the second day the 3 matches were impossible tot win due very bad boards with the chisen colors.

Please respond if you feel the same.


This week’s war tourney made me win 5x in the first day, only 3x in the 2nd day, and 5x in the third day. My 2 botched attack in the 2nd day was my fault. Fat fingers and wrong heroes chosen. For me, it’s still RNG.

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The algorithm for the tourney’s attempts to balance the difficulty of your opponents based on your performance. It starts with teams that you have a much greater than 50% chance of winning based on the algorithm and progressively increases the difficulty with each win and reduces the difficulty with each loss up to a maximum. It’s not unusual to win early as you face lower ranked teams until you begin to get to teams that are very competitive and if you beat those then teams that are very difficult (especially with a bad board).


Difficulty is supposed to grow gradually so at beginning you are facing easy opponents. Bad boards can come also on first day. It happens from time to time. but most of the time you reach 4 losses between day 3 or 4 depending on bad boards. The SG expectation is that you are not out on first days or you won’t pay the 75 gems.
But what really bother me with raid tournament is the single attack over the week that happens on Monday and reward you a E all along the week.


That’s the point, it has nothing to do with the difficulty of the opponents.
Day 1 , normal and good boards
Day 2 , 2 normal boards and 3 terrible, so you cant win.

My “predictability” is a little different.

Day 1: One loss due to bad board.
Day 2: One loss due to bad board.
Day 3: Two almost immediate losses due to bad boards.

Doesn’t matter if I do a 3-2 or 2-2-1 configuration. Pattern is almost always the same.

I had even given up on tourneys for several months and then joined the last two with the exact same results. The board basically decides if you are going to win in the fast tourneys and fast wars. Some folks love 'em. Some folks hate 'em. I am among the hate group…

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Totally agree.

So at the start of the tournament you face, “easier” opponents and as a result, you are better able to survive bad boards.

As you survive further days, you face tougher opponents, your boards are probably similar but it’s tougher to survive because, your opponents are better :thinking:.

Really? I’ve found as I progress in tournaments, the number of opponents’ emblems increases dramatically. Not sure what you are basing this on :thinking:


Every tournament i already start battling 20 emblems Heroes. It is like @Bombadil says, it looks like a pattern.

So it can be different tot all

Same here. Out at day3 95% of the time. But I stay calm as the loot is random. I got better at top 50% than the few times I was top 5% so… :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Ohh yes, it is not every tournament, so i am not unhappy or something. Ik waar Just curious if more people experience it

Yes, absolutely yes.
Every god damn time! Stopped giving them 75 gems long ago because it’s the same pattern every frigging time.
Couple month ago, during 4 star tournament, I naively thought that maybe 20 emblems will solve this… waste a ton of resources to give emblems back to 5 stars.


Yeah two of my losses this week were due to crashes. Annoying

But it isn’t RNG for losses in fast tourneys, they are just broken . Either get a good starting board and win, or a crap one, and lose. It’s that simple

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Same here. Just like a pattern. And the pattern for me is prevalent when my defense team performs great or horrible.

Just like in this tourney, my defense does not have a loss the first 3 days. I had no losses on the first day on attack also.

On the second day, i lost 2 attacks because of very bad and bad boards. Very bad board for me is when i have a 3-2 team composition but none of my heroes were able to fire their specials until i am defeated and in a very fast tourney at that. Bad board is when my heroes fire once but no favorable tile color as replacements thereafter until i am killed even having 5 to 4 or 3 hero advantage.

On the 3rd day, i usually do not pass through the 3rd flag. Its either 2 consecutive losses or the first and 3rd flags. That is the pattern for me.

A different pattern also is when my defense performs poorly and have a loss or losses on the first day. I almost always reach the 4th day of the tourney.

Nonetheless, I am not saying that there is no real RNG and it is instead based on a pattern but my observed pattern is hard to ignore.

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Yes it’s normal. At day 3 you need to pay gems to continue playing. More due to bad boards, than bad choice of hero’s. By the way, it’s so annoying to change every time the atack team. It could be positive to pre made at least 3 teams for this tournament.

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I went rainbow and 2 1 1 1 this whole tournament and ended up 23-2. I’ve changed my mind about rush format I think rainbow is definitely a better fit, giving you options up front regardless of the starting board


Any tips on putting those teams together?

So I think it is much easier to put together close to rainbow teams for rush tourney than it is for other formats, and you don’t have to have the high levels of synergy that you normally would to make such teams work.

For most of my raids I used a 2 - 1 - 1 - 1, with the following heroes as mainstays:

  • Colen
  • Gillibilli
  • Costume LJ

I also used these

  • Wilbur:
  • Jott
  • c kiril
  • kiril with c bonus
  • LJ with costume bonus
  • C Tibs
  • Sumle
  • c melendor
  • c rig

When it made sense. The 2nd in one color could be against the tank, but not always - I would usually try to find a good counter to the strength of the opposing team. For example a riposte tank - bring Wilbur. Wilbur mitigates riposte very well opponent has a defense down? Bring wilbur or kiril od c melendor to counter

4* attack power is quite low so you have longer to work the board then 5* battles. I found that if I kept blasting my big usually slow guns and healing and countering when required I had enough tiles for the win


Thanks for this. Really appreciate the time you put in to write this.

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And this tournament exaclty the same :confused:

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Same on my end. Impossible to survive 5 Days of the tournament without spending 75 gems.
Apart from that something interesting happened few tourneys ago, one of my alliance members raided on me and won. He wasn’t on my list of folks that defeated me. Try explaining that.

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