Predetermined winners

So what the heck are we supposed to do when we go into a tournament and over 50% of the gems received are the color for the hero that cannot be used? I am so sick of the computer algorithms determining winners before it even starts! Man-at-Arms level 61 and so close to saying screw it, then find another game. I do not expect or desire to always be at the top, but I have not been able to finish every day of these tournaments since the 3rd round because of this issue.


You should know by now that the more you stack on one color, the more likely you are not to have the tiles you need. The opponents you are facing (after the first day) are supposed to be at the same level as you are (based on the top 5 heroes satisfying the tournament rules). So it can be tough and you cannot be sure to win. Basically, these tournaments are heavily dependent on the boards you are getting. But it’s true for everybody in the tournament. Having a deep bench and figuring out how to build the most efficient team based on the tournament rules is crucial, but you’ll still need the right tiles. Some rules are more forgiving, but the current one (everyone is very fast) is not.


We’re supposed to accept it, get over it and worry about other things till next week.
I feel you, I’m out today and its feels way too soon. But like Guy says


We are not given a choice. For this current tournament you cannot use purple heroes. Stacking is required. So what the heck am I supposed to do when I keep getting boards of nothing of but purple gems? I’m so sick and tired of just accepting it. Especially when I see the same names at the top over and over again.

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What do you expect to change? Do you think SG is targeting you in particular? Maybe it is indeed time to move on to another game.

Negative Ghost Rider, I am not thinking that I am being pinpointed. But if griefs are not talked about then no change will ever occur.


I don’t remember my last raid tournament that I was survived till final day.

Out of each tour by midweek (Wednesday), same reason to OP board was screw up and total off color.

Well…if you are stacking screw ups happen sooner or later otherwise it would not be rng.
I went 3-2 on Monday and had really problems to get anything going. But there are days like this and then there are better days. :smile:

@Halcyon, we are all in the same boat!! RNG is a cruel mistress. You just play the board your are dealt and try to turn that bad board good. I just had an opening board with 20 odd dark tiles, no reds because that’s what I stacked against the Hansel tank. I ended up winning rather easily by carefully running tiles into the healers until I had some specials ready, luckily I was able to take Hansel out before he went off. I left Kiril and BT in their respective corners until the end. I just patiently loaded Colen up and Burn baby Burn :wink:

It’s 75% Luck and 25% skill in my uneducated hypothesis. Luck is normally not a friend of mine. So I manipulate my luck by carefully manipulating the board. Take your time, look towards the bottom of the board and see what area has the best chance of giving you tiles you can use. Then, if you aren’t going to immediately set off a bunch of supers, move the corresponding tiles and hope for the best!! Good Luck, have fun. It’s a game, no reason to stress about it. We all have bad days (mine are TERRIBLE, and usually consecutive) with bad boards. But in the long run none of that matters, it’s either something we enjoy doing or we find another game. I love E&P even with the bad boards and bad summons. One day I will pull Wilbur and Proteus or smash my phone to tiny little pieces, one of those things will happen someday. Everything is Eventual.


Very fast raid tournaments are mostly about the starting board. Good colours- you win otherwise you lose! There’s not much strategy involved.


I would just LOVE to see an all purple board. To watch the entire board go floating up into the opponent and produce a sea of 1’s would be awesome!

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Not totally clear to me what you said we are supposed to meet after the first day. It’s not based on heroes I have at least. First day is actually the most correct one if you have heroes without emblems. I guess I should give some to Jackal for the titan boost but right now I have 0 emblems and day 4 and 5 all opponents in a tournament will have 80-100 emblems.

It may match us based on performance but as far as I can tell emblems mainly match you vs appropriate opponents the first day and then you face people with roughly the same win percentage but may discard defenses with too few emblems. No matter if I get A in defense it doesn’t get a lot of attacks from the top tier teams while I as a low emblem attacker face those teams all the time.

As for tiles you win some you lose some. Most boards can become a win but yeah sometimes there’s really nothing you can do. I actually dislike the boards that allow 1 or 2 moves only more than the ones littered with the color I don’t have.

Today i had probably the worst board of my life.

Tons of missing colors (stacking 2 colors), 3 times in a row only one possible move in the entire board (everytime under the hero i DO NOT want to send tiles against)
Literally i was a goner without any hope from the start.

That said i also had an incredibly good board where strong tiles keeped coming without end.

Strangely enough, no one complaint about that second board (clearly broken just like the first).

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The issue of bad tiles and whether they are fair has been debated and researched extensively.

TL;DR: tiles are random and unrelated to what heroes you bring. The sample of 5 boards you see each day in the raid tournament is far too small to reach any conclusion about them being unfair or predetermined against you.

Some light reading:


Change up your team compositions, I haven’t had any problems finishing top 1% in every tournament with no emblems to speak of on my 3 and 4 star heroes… (10-0 so far this one, my team around 3380 tp, fighting 3600-3850 range). For the very fast tourneys I suggest a comp of 3 attackers in a color and 2 off color healers (so for instance, buddy, hansel, Caedmon, bold, kiril)… this kind of comp should give you plenty of time to work around an average to bad board. Obviously there are some bad boards out there that can’t be worked… I get that, I just don’t think it’s anywhere close to the ideas that are reported.

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I know what you mean. I lost 4 attacks in a row, boards swarming with purple tiles. But then I came back after over an hour, hadn’t been attacked, and opened my first diamond raid chest. Even got a 1* trainer hero.

I’m actually very interested to know, and this goes along with the OPs concern, how many players can finish all 5 days of raid tournament without spending gems? Is this a common thing? I have never done it, because after day 1 the teams get tougher and boards, without question, get worse. It’s not just coincidence, not repeatedly over this amount of time.

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And I’ve got a team that can stack any number of any color for any star level, with emblems.

those at the very very top can, because they will get opponents of equal or lesser strength.
for me, I can get to the 3rd day if lucky, then I get opponents with team power a couple of hundreds above mine and it is game over.

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But that’s the thing. For 4 stars, I’m at least near the top, and I can’t get to the last day. By day 3, I’m fighting 5 heros with 18 emblems across the board. If the boards don’t come up in my favor, the fight is over 4 or 5 moves in.

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