Pre-fixed starting boards for raids (reduces luck, increases strategy)

Everyone complains about bad boards and luck so why not have a new feature of the game eg a raid tournament where the opening board is preset or predetermined and both raider and raidee get to set their teams based on the starting board.

So prior to the match up, both defence and raider get one day to view the starting board then set their teams.

Both will try to guess what kind of team the other will put.

It’d be interesting especially if you share a raiding history with your opponent (eg best of three matches) as you might try to trick or bluff each other or disrupt established patterns.

Perhaps each match could have a new board, or you could keep the same board for three matches. Each team takes turns to raid and defend.

I think that’d add more strategy and fun and reduce luck complaints.

What do you say? :blush::joy:

(Or has this idea been thought of already)

Also if EVERY matchup gets the same starting board this could be a lot of fun on the forum as we’d compare team line ups and results!!! Lots of strategy to be discussed.

@Kerridoc @Petri

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