Praise to the training camp lv. 20

Yep, this thread is to share my feelings toward this building.

While sometimes i really resent people that can spend how much money they want and get all the heroes they desire, sometimes i pity them.

Pity because they never know the feeling of ending a legendary training and seeing that hero icon, that icon that can be the hero that you desire or just another double to sacrifice on your loyal deck that push you forward right where you are.

The recurring delusion of getting your fifth Kailani, that can only pump your joy when finally you get that shiny toy that you wait so long.

It’s like everyday it’s cristmas and you have a gift under your tree.

Sometimes are socks, sometimes a Ps4.


I got my very first 5* out of a TC20 yesterday morning. It was the tree/ent guy, Horghall.
First 5* out of over 75 trainings!

TC20 has helped me build out teams of 3* for beginner event challenge levels though! :rofl:

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My very first pull from a TC20 was a 4*. Never mind it was one I already had, I was just so thrilled that it wasn’t a 3*…which I now expect to see for a while. :grin:

Happy training!