[Praise,SGG] Favorite event, quest, game mechanic, war rule, tournament rule, etc

[Praise,SGG] Favorite event, quest, game mechanic, war rule, tournament rule, etc.

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(What's your least favorite event in the game?)

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Class quests

Regular schedule ( no Merciless RNG )

Only 3x stages

Guaranteed loot ( no Merciless RNG except for Reset emblem/ Reset Token but resetting emblems is a very long rant )

Rewards can be use for 1* heroes to 5* heroes

Can use 5* Harpoons

Santa’s Challenge

Regular schedule ( no Merciless RNG )

Whole month long

Guaranteed loot ( no Merciless RNG )

Free Avatars for F2P, VC2P and C2P ( please add backgrounds and pins for pin codes )

2x 4* ascension items

Rewards can be use for 1* heroes to 5* heroes

Can use Epic Hero Token for Santa’s Challenge summons

Includes 4* Buddy and 3* Frosty

Can use 5* Harpoons

Mystic Vision

Gems, costume keys, non farmable ascension items, tomes, emblems

Really, F2P, VC2P, C2P accounts can never have too many gems, or too many costume keys

Only 30 seconds

Undead Horde

War Rule Undead Horde gives minions to both sides

I really REALLY wish this was a tournament rule

Only way to make it better is give Undead minions a poison Damage Over Time to help out teeny accounts attacking Biggy accounts ( defense stat is not linear and teeny account minions are very low attack stat )

Costume keys

Not thrilled with Costume chamber event

But never too many costume keys

HA08 Epic Heroes

More 4* heroes for F2P, VC2P, C2P ( see notes )

Challenge festival summons

No Classic heroes in a gem summons


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Avatar code, pin code


Undead horde

([History, Theory crafting ] Mistimed Fleeing in Undead Horde versus Mistimed Fleeing in Field Aid OR why automatic minions are less annoying than automatic healing OR losing war points as you watch)

Costume keys

HA08 Epic heroes


Expand Silence ( Peters, Miki, Stage Bosses ) so it effects Special skills, Class Talents, and innate abilities, rename Confusion


Show loot

([Suggestion] ¿Can freemium games be less predatory? OR Spend Depth versus Loot Boxes OR Stop the Hide)



Class quests I’ll agree are one of the most enjoyable things nowadays, fixed, fast to play, decent time for completion, nice rewards…

Very fast wars. I know you guys hate it but I personally love them.

Raid tournaments, all of them. I love raiding and enjoy it a lot.

Costume chamber and tavern of legends: both fast and enjoyable to play, last a few days so no rush or extreme pressure, plus the rewards in CC are decent, sure a couple summons which will turn out to be as legendary as valen can be, but at least you get the thrill of some summons and the very ocasional decent outcome from an event you can easily play without items.

All the 4 seasonals, they were created in the early days of the game and user experience can be seen to be way above cash grabbing, unlike today, they are long but last a lot of time, they give you nice rewards and they are rewarding for players of all levels, plus you can summon with normal epic tokens and there is always a nice tweak to the game mechanics with the bombs, frozen blocks or changed mechanics for the power shields.

The normal map stages from the different seasons also are fun, although at a lower level, you can play them at your own pace, simply for that reason they are good.

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Wars are my favorite, especially Undead Horde and Rush Attack, the former even more so because they all become minion summoners so anti-minion heroes get their chance to shine!