Practise Ground


I did have a look through the posts but I couldnt find anything quite like it, apologies if its a duplicate.

Anyway, my idea is for a practice ground where we can battle our offence teams against our own defence teams - where the defence teams are managed by the regular raid AI. This would costs no world nor raid energy but it would allow us to see how our defence teams match up.

Right now the only experience we have of how our defence teams perform is when we go up against something similar in raids, and of course when we lose/win against other opponents.

Id like to be able to fine tune the match up or try some combinations that arent typical in defence.

Also I find myself bored and switching off when Ive run out of all world/raid/alliance energy, when Id rather be playing and this would give me something useful to do.

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Good idea. Definitely useful for fine tuning ones own team combos for free :+1:

Similar ones were brought up in the past and doesn’t look like it gained much traction. Check out one of the threads here :grinning:


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