Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


Ok that’s one I went to but was unsure. Thanks @therocketcat


No worries! Happy to help :slight_smile:


One player of the alliance causes another player of the same alliance to a duel.
Another player takes the challenge.
And the duel begins…
Fight time may be limited.
Players can play this duel as many times as they like.



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If this has already been discussed, then just look pass it and excuse my laziness.

I think it would be hilarious if you could battle people from you alliance. No trophy involved just for bragging rights and to test each other’s defense. But mostly so I can beat my own leader :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe you could send an invitation they would have to accept before hand, or just make it a total chaos, I’m good with either one. I haven’t really thought it all the way through. But I think it’s a pretty simple idea, which would make the game even more competitive and obviously funnier.


Indeed it has. :wink:

It’s actually quite a common and popular request:

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I think it would be awesome if we could do practice raids amongst alliance members… not for rewards… just so that we can try each other’s teams out and help with weak spots…etc


@Chaos2311 This is an extremely popular request, here’s an existing thread being used to discuss it and vote on it:

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Ability to test your alliance member’s defence team, 0 cost, 0 rewards
Like king of thieves did a long ago

We need this ability, who agrees?


@TheDarkElement As it turns out, a TON of people agree:

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Cool, glad to know im not the only one who requests this feature


You’re definitely not, it’s one of the most common feature requests on the forum. :slight_smile:

If you search through #ideas-feature-requests you can find existing popular ideas (and some less popular ones) to vote on. Consolidating support in one place is most effective, so it’s always good to see if there’s an existing post about an idea before creating a new post.

In the meantime, I encourage you to use one of your votes on that other thread, and add any comments on additional ideas you have once you’ve read through the other 100+ comments people have posted.

And a moderator will most likely merge this thread you created into the other one to help further the cause. :smile:


I know it has been already proposed, but can’t find it. Considering the great number of people who state that the social aspect of the game is very important to them, a private raid challenge between members of an alliance would be a welcome mini game. No need of prizes or anything. Just for the fun of it


@EmpiresPuzzles you need to add a way to have a friendly battle with your friends and alliance members for fun and to practice stratagey, I’m playing around with my defense team and shouldn’t have to wait all year for one person to attack me, please make it so we can fight our friends for fun simply by clicking on their name