Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


One thread (Practice Battles Against Teammates) has already collected 57 votes, so it would be a pity to lose them. The other only have 1 vote or none, only exception is Inner alliance raids that has 6 votes. Maybe just posting a link to the most voted thread on the bottom of the other ones will kind of get the job done without losing votes?


Just a suggestion here. As a dev myself I know it wouldn’t be to hard to implement.

What if the dev created it so that when you start to type in new title when creating a post a dropdown of similar posts came up, this would maybe help many who aren’t used to using forums and go a long way to avoiding duplicates.

Just a thought


this already happens:


Doesn’t happen on mobile unless there is a setting for it somewhere


You’re right, doesn’t show up for me too:

Guess it is just a matter of room available on the screen, from my phone doesn’t show the post preview either that I find very useful


Btw, I see this topic is already among the requests taken into consideration by the development team:

So maybe we won’t have to wait too long for this feature :slight_smile:


I’ve been slammed this week, I’m so sorry! If y’all see something that needs doing (I.e., giving a link of a more popular thread to a newer or less popular thread) “make it so!” :wink:


Cheers m8, have a good one


Would be a great idea if alliance members could Raid each other internally within their own alliance for practise.
Perhaps then rank them within the alliance. Least then members can test different hero combos. And have extra fun.
Could be a reward system too…


Within alliance raids have already been proposed: Inner alliance raids
Better try to concentrate the votes on a single thread


Hello, it would be nice if we could fight between members of the same alliance live or each turn or an internal tournament, what do you think ?


And there comes the next one starting a thread.
Pls do me a favor and use the search function and you will the plenty of threads about this


Hi quarks, I’m relatively new to the boards and had this same idea but in more depth. I searched ‘duels’ and there a ton of them. Found this one and apparently this not the one to add to or to support. How do I know which thread to use so I dont flood the community. Thanks for any feedback u can give.


Hi @NDarkNS,

It’s best to check Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!) - read the first entry, and you should be able to find a related topic. You can go to the relevant thread and add your vote or comments there. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks. Dumb question, did u just hit reply and it mentioned me? Or there some way actually mention a person’s name. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


There are no dumb questions @NDarkNS - just type the @ symbol then the name of the person you’re responding to (or mentioning). :slight_smile:


@therocketcat I see. Wish there was in forum messaging. Plus I just posted in general regarding a couple questions on heros and always feel like I’m duplicating things cause I cant find them. Bet you know all the answers :sweat_smile:


Once you’re here for a while you’ll learn all the tricks. Just like the game, it takes time :slight_smile:


Ok so, I went to forum post and scrolled down to considering. Found a link for practice duels and selected it. Went to a post from April and has a bunch of other threads linked. Those threads looked dead or locked. I think I could post on the one the link sent me to but there’s no replies. All I wanted do was support or add the option for me to start my own inner alliance tourney with rewards. Lol. I just dont want a good idea to be passed up.


Here’s the one Practice Battles Against Teammates.

Click “Vote” in the top left corner. And add any of your own comments to the thread.