Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


Hi , this is an idea intended for SG to hopefully take it into account ,the idea is to create a tournament that comes frequently ( every week , two weeks …etc) , for players to team up ( teams of several players , not necessarily from the same alliance ) , and compete against other teams starting with a certain number of teams and eliminating with each turn till the final , and the basic idea of how it works is as follows : players can form teams and invite others to join , once the team is full ( like 5 players for each team for example ) ,players can discuss their defense setup and attack strategy …etc in their team’s private line chat , and the fighting takes place in a battlefield , like in war , you get flags and make the most use of them , and the winner is determined by points , and the winners get rewarded , and since there are thousands of players playing this game then it’ll be made like each tournament contains just a certain number of teams (30 teams ,or 40 teams etc ) .
I hope my voice will be heard , thanks .


This should really go into the Ideas topic
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Thanks @Tamsin , I didn’t realize that .


Other than trading items between alliance members (which is unlikely to happen), this idea has more votes than all the others here combined. I can’t see any downside to this, other than being able to enjoy more gameplay without using flags and spending money. Is this even being considered? If not, then why are we voting on these things in the first place?


Will yall agree to adding this mode in!!!.!?!??!?!?!?!:dizzy_face:


Hi Devs,
I would like to be able to practice raiding and trying out new hero set ups by attacking / defending in raids within my own alliance. This will allow alliances to help each other set up teams and try out different hero combinations. The raids wouldn’t need to be scored on the leader board or have loot.

This would help alliances set up and organize better for AW as well.


This is a pretty common request, you might do well to join onto an existing suggestion for it so it gets more votes and discussion.

I didn’t do an exhaustive search, but here are a few similar posts as a starting point:

In-Alliance Sparring Battles?

I’m sure others have wanted this, but I didn’t know how to search for it if there was an older thread with this idea lurking about.


@Rook @Kerridoc this might need merged with similar thread


Great idea! Option to “raid” with an alliance member to test out defenses or practice. I like it a lot, you have my vote.


I don’t know if there’s a master thread for this, but this is both a frequent and fantastic idea.

One of the recent times it came up I started collating a few of the related threads in another post:

@Kerridoc or @Rook, as @Allslost suggested, is there a place to point people (and merge) that can help consolidate the support for this idea so we might better encourage its implementation?


Ok, obviously we don’t normally get to raid other alliance members. But what if we could do practice raids on alliance mates, for no trophy reward, but for experience, for helping test defence teams and for fun?

Alliances are great and I’m all for providing more ways to build team spirit. Alliance wars have been really effective and this could be another way to get people talking, assisting and encouraging each other.

It should be easy to set up, and has plenty of scope for further development. Raiding your alliance mates would become stale without some reward, so make it rewarding, with a few goodies. And limit the number of raids you can do with flags or whatever.

Anyway, interested to see if anyone likes this idea and has more suggestions.


You mean this?


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no. This!


@Rook is there a way to merge threads with similar ideas and avoid spreading votes among several different threads?


Seriousely. I don’t want to blame you, really, but does anybody think of to use the seach button before open a new Topic?
It’s even part of Forum rules not to create multiple Topics with same content and for me personally I am so dis-appointed when I read brilliant ideas which will never come true because all votes are devised to 20 threads.


That’s not the point and no I cannot delete it just change.
My point is that I read really good ideas (like this one) which are worth to implement but will never because the 100 votes are devided through 50 treads.
So better read folum rules first, search for similar Topic before! you create a new, give your vote to the existing thread you found and be happy when devs concider to implement the suggestion.


Yes, I can merge them, BUT all votes are lost when I do so (the new thread starts from scratch) so it’s highly recommended that folks search the forum for existing similar ideas before posting same. :slight_smile: