Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


would be also fine if I can battle myself…like shadowfight… we are all know this from race games … you can battle your own shadow and try to beat him,

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This perk is long overdue. It would add a lot to the game.

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Gostaria de poder procurar adversários com quem quero lutar e procurar lutar contra adversários em modo online tbm

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great idea. love it.

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This would be very easy to implement at least as a basic feature:

  • Alliance > Members > Tap on a member and have a menu pop up (Info, Battle)

  • Selecting battle would put you in the screen used by wars, with enemy info button and 5 empty slots to fill with your heroes.

  • Upon winning, you return to the alliance.member screen.

Future additions to this would be the following:
-Battle stats. Breakdown of who did what damage / took x damage / healed x / absorbed x with armor / …etc.
-Battle log. History of players who have attacked you and you have attacked in your alliance.
-Switch places. Ability to use your alliance member’s heroes to attack your own heroes to see how well they work on defense.



I don’t like the idea , in my view , one key purpose of Alliance is to encourage new players and help them to build up, matching such in a battle with already developed players no matter how friendly it is would be discouraging and may cause some to quit Alliance altogehter , As it is , the map field is equipped enough for practice.
Although , it could be tenanble if both players would have to agree to such batlles .



Great idea. …



Are you considering that the experienced player would be able to put in a variety of teams for the person to practice against? This would be a very valuable tool for Alliances for instructing new members. I wouldn’t be taking my top team in to these battles unless the person requested. I’d be bringing in the hero team they wanted to go against for practice.

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Voted and 20 chars…



My number 1 wish list for this game. If monetizing this will get it in faster then make mock challenges within your alliance cost the challenger a gem.



I came to suggest just this!
It shouldn’t be your defense team though… so we can try different defense and offense setups…
Plus, it should mention results in the alliance chat (optionally??)… so you could have competitions.
I would also like to see putting some rewards out but that probably wouldn’t happen. Like whoever take down my all dark lineup fastest this week gets 10 gems… or whatever…

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In light of my plea to the devs the following.

Please build a PvP aspect of Alliance members being able to battle each other.

Raiding is fun, for me, but we want to be able to just also battle eachother for fun and training.

Please can this be put in. This game needs a new edge, something added to keep the game fresh. It becomes and is very repetitive at the moment. Each day is same old same old.




I voted, now only have 3 votes left, good idea.



It is a great idea! To add your voice to the main thread discussing this feature, click here.

As well, you can see Small Giant’s most recent response on this idea here:



It is a very-very good idea and feature that really need!
All our alliance members would be happy to get opportunity to practice in wars and teach new members.
I’m hope this feature will be realized in near future.
This will be a great gift to all players in new year! :pray:

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Practice between wars, yes that would be a good idea, I feel that if they place the game software design in a battlefield format then having your alliance in the battlefield with you is ok? Then you can practice with your team and learn how to use it to the alliance advantage when going to war . This could help picking the right fighter in the wars against the other alliances.



Great idea should be a great feature



My alliances have always talked about this.

This feature would be very cool !!



It would be also cool to be able to fight your own defense team.



Alliance sparring is a good way for team mates to see how each other in the alliance are doing. I would like to see this come to pass. A wager of food, metal, ingredients etc etc. There have been times when I would like to challenge my teammates.


Alliance Sparring