Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


Has been suggested a lot, still good idea. Hopefully we will see something like this eventually


I fully agree that this would greatly improve your Alliance’s tactics especially during war. Realistically it would be very easy to incorporate into the current programming, if it were added to the “preparation phase” of Alliance Wars. During that time you could be granted 3-6 flags to ‘test’ the overall effectiveness of fellow team members defense teams for no reward… or they could track points too and dish out lower end ascension materials… but really that would be icing on the cake… Come on Small Giants! Let’s see it happen!


I really like this idea! Another bump!


That would awesome!!!


Great idea, we need this.


I created an account to post this, glad I found it is already floating around here. I would like at the very least the ability to see a “Test Defences” during war preparation.


This would be the single greatest addition to the game in the past year.


Love this idea! Bump


Good Idea, like I already told my mates I wanted to fight them!


1 upvote from me. I and also my teamates feel the same. Thank you for your idea.


Thats an amazing idea, just by adding that makes more replay value. Thx for suggesting that, hope they listen.


That is the mode, when each member of the same alliance can challenge another one with no energy cost.
The challenge is realtime battle on the same gem-field.
That will help to get an idea of all the characters properties…


1 upvote from me. I don’t know if this will put more stress on the engine or server whatever. But I hope the game can give a chance for members in an alliance can interact more. I propose to create something like… i.e. flags called “practice” (same as raid energy, but no reward), the player can sometime challenge each others, and even… feel the strength of the top players in the Hall of Fame :slight_smile: . Thank You.


I want an alliance sparing arena. That way you can practice with new heroes, tryout new strategies, and learn from each other in friendly raid battles. And if can the alliance can view also that way you’d get more feedback.


I would like to have the ability to spar against my own teammates in the battlefield so we can practice strategies and tactics. Maybe have the option to go 1v1, 5v5 or 15v15 etc. No energy required and no rewards gained, just simply so we can get a better understanding of how PvP and alliance war works and improve.

It can be called “Training Ground” and if someone from the alliance doesn’t want to participate then they don’t have to sign up for the training/sparring. A tournament would maybe be an option too, so say we are 20 people in the beginning and later on we take out eachother and in the end there are just two left.


That’s a really intriguing idea! It would be a great way to coach new players to the game in your alliance to make them stronger fighters.


Ok… it is not my intention for this to be yet another b**** and moan thread. This is a sincere plea. A dedicated player reaching out to the powers-that-be.

Please give me something to do.

I am currently at level 24, with a stronghold level of 15. I’ve got about 40 different Heroes that I’m currently working on. I am more than a little monetarily invested in this game. I wake up in the morning, have my coffee, and spend about 20 minutes burning through my energy. Then I have pretty much no reason to touch this game for at least 4 to 5 hours. That sucks.

Now from a marketing standpoint, I understand the business model for games like this, and why they grind out the way they do, but I find it hard to believe that we couldn’t be given something to do during our down time without affecting the bottom line. My number one suggestion… maybe a practice arena where you can battle other members of your alliance and test out your defense teams. That would be amazing. Good training for wars and events, and it would definitely add something to the social and team building aspects of this game. Just a thought.

I love this game, but it reminds me sometimes of when I was quitting smoking. When I started smoking a long time ago, I did it because I liked it, but as time went on that changed. I wasn’t smoking because I liked it, I was simply smoking because I was addicted and it was part of my daily routine. There wasn’t nearly as much pleasure in it anymore. That’s the way I’m starting to feel about Empires and Puzzles, and how is that good for the bottom line?


Good idea.
I’m up with a baby most nights and I need more flags to get through to sunrise! (N.b. of course I put babies needs before e&p and of all my heroes, he’s the best)


I get on quite a bit and I always have something to do. There is raids, sometimes Events. TITANS, I get on at least every hour and theres something to do. The higher you get the more flags for farming and quests.
But I do agree, I would love to see an option to fight our Alliance members just for fun. Also, I want my Alby avatar!!!


I know that some of the people who just can’t get enough E&P create an alternate account. Perhaps this could be an option worth exploring. It certainly allows for diverse experimentation with different heroes and/or styles of play while providing the all-important flags to drive it.