Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]

It would be nice if you could practice raiding with a team where the defense is selected from a comparable HP pool rather than based on cups. That way, you could use heroes you are leveling or who are lower ranked. I wouldn’t care if there were no cups, food, or iron involved. There are a lot of times I just want to lay with a hero that isn’t up to par with my cups.

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Are they all finalized ?

No I Wish Don’t Have The Materials To Ascend Most Of Them Stuck On 3.70

There’s no way you got all of those duplicate HOTM’s without spending money…

I have come to E&P from a background as a professional Magic the Gathering player. There is a huge $$$ opportunity for SGG to implement PvP in a manner where you get to choose who you battle.

Some quick thoughts…

Stage 1: Sparring against alliance members defence teams.
Stage 2: Sparring against open community members via invitation.
Stage 3: Expanding existing tournament style play to allow players to select/invite participants.

Seems like an obvious implementation just add sparring energy and some resource costs to participate, Iron, Food, Recruits, etc…

Love the game so far, am hooked spent hundreds of $$$ on it already, but can see there is a limit to how invested I can be for several years. As a comparison I have been playing Magic the Gathering for almost 30 years now.

Does someone know has there ever been any indication that this could happen?

Is there anything information about this?

Good morning empires players.
I will start by apologizing to the forum moderators since this topic may already be requested … if so, my apologies go ahead.
Having said that…!!! I am a player who likes to help the community and sometimes we have talks about which teams to configure before a war or in defense of assaults and as it is logical they are opposite points of view since when one talks about the position of heroes, each player He usually interprets according to what he experiences when he plays … but in my case it is sometimes frustrating not being able to graphically demonstrate what I explain to other allies.
I think it would be nice to have in each Alliance a kind of boxing ring, or closed room, … so that they have a serious idea like a war of two … but as war is, a team defends automatically and a team attack, in this case I … to show that the position of these heroes in the defense team is not the most appropriate since this is where we disagree … what do you think.?

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