Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]

I guess you are referring to practice battles between the members of the same alliance. And this idea has already a master thread :slightly_smiling_face: -> Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]


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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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That would be an excellent idea being able to raid against each other or a whole separate Arena for sparring that would be very cool. Being the leader of my alliance Trixin Aint Eazy I’ve got some new members to my alliance and to the game and they have a lot of questions which I encourage but being able to take some of my lower level teams and battle them to let them learn how to handle different Heroes when opposing them would absolutely be wonderful and it’s a topic that is definitely worth talking about more is my opinion

There Merry Christmas lol :joy:

I suppose how each hero handles depends mostly on strategy of the puzzles anyway. So how would you teach that? I mean you can teach someone how to play chess, but whether they become any good depends on there intelligence. Same applies here.

Ahh but if you were able to play the same lineup again and again… bad/good boards would average out over time.

Found this thread after I had a similar idea (not even requiring an alliance, just be able to select a customisable opponent to practise against, no cost, no loot) but it just dawned on me that it’ll never happen… zero way to monetise it haha!!! :joy:

Unless they HAVE found a way and it is one of those 2020 “new things to do with your alliance!” promises…

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Do you play chess? Sure, intelligence is one crucial thing when it comes to strategic games and if we would speak about World class chessplayers, they probably have all IQs way above average. But do you know what they and any good player have in common? A ton of experience and practice.
There are talented and gifted players surely, but everyone started to learn the game once and speaking of EP and this topic here, I think that matters more in most cases rather than pure intelligence. So in the end to become a good player in any game you just need a base intelligence and lots of dedication plus time. The tool to do so more effectively than right now would be practice battles.

I agree and absolutely see what you’re saying but I don’t see any harm in the idea because those people that learn to play chess and do become great at it it isn’t because they didn’t learn strategy by playing opponents better than them and worse than them. I still think it is a great idea

When I was younger I wasn’t half bad at chess. But I recall the episode of House, where House and that kid played without a board even. Now I’m know that was scripted. Still I wonder if people are that good for real.

I’m pretty good at chess I grew up playing it but my brother and I’m not ashamed to admit because I can’t even touch his skill he can literally play without a board or even looking he literally reminds me of Sherlock Holmes just calls out his move and wins!!! So yeah people really are that good it’s crazy

I would love to war against some of my family alliance or friends. Just tired of teams I dont know or cant pronounce correctly

I’m only suggesting it because in my alliance i have two people who have asked me if they have good teams. I don’t wanna say yes then they think it’ll last a long time. For members who are curious, and would like to find out. Let them test their teams against members of the same group at least of a similar tp or relatively close.
Don’t think of ot as a waste of time but something loke training for people before war or and titan battles.

Hi @Jaq4569, please remember to search for similar ideas before posting :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree. This idea was proposed by one of our elders, Liquid Love, and I really liked the idea so please consider this two :+1: We could both post that we want to spar, or we could both be online at the time and message each other, or, well, however it works, but we think it would be a nifty idea.
Liquid Love and The Badger.

Hi there!
I was chatting with my Alliance during the morning about PvP, and i was thinking about “Friendly PvP”.

It would be nice to add the possibily to fight vs other member of the alliance, just for fun, training or testing new team builds.

Of course without losing food, iron or trophies!

Maybe add a button “Arena” in the Alliance section to allow 2 connected (or not) members to fight ?

I agree i hope they do it. So you could test your def in a war. To see if your def is any good.

Una cosa che a noi piacerebbe, è poter scegliere di sfidare alleanze amiche in war… O amici in raid…

Mod translation via Google

One thing we would like is to be able to challenge alliances friends in war … Or friends in raids …

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Please use english in forum, mate

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That would be great, I posted the link on a Facebook group here in Brazil, let’s take this to the developers so they can bring it to us. Up UP

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