Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]

good idea can be implemented the way we have it in south park phone destroyer :slight_smile:

i Think it would be cool to have the possibility to fight against members of own alliance for testing purposes or just for fun, of course without any rewards

@Amicus Sad to say this isn’t really an original idea. There is already a whole thread on this.

Think it should go in Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I had an idea for the game, would it be possible for alliance members to have test battles between each other so that players can learn first hand defensive strategies and team building? Also it would be nice to have an efficient way to share hero inventories with members of an alliance for team building suggestions.



@Astinarax I moved your post to the thread about the test battle idea.

There’s also a thread about sharing hero rosters here: 'Share your heroes' function – letting alliance members view your roster [MASTER]

Thank you. Sorry about posting in the wrong thread.

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Keep this idea alive! It would be great to be able to make a “simulated attack” against my own defense so I can see if it works as I imagine it should work, or if it fails in some unanticipated way.

I would hope that any system implemented to allow practice against alliance members would include a way to also test your own defense.

Good gaming!

Probably would not be on the popular side here, but practice battle against team mate’s df team is actually practicing against AI using team mates defense, isn’t that similar to what we have been doing in this game? Fighting against AI while AI is using different teams? In Wars, raids, tourneys…

Well I understand the aspect of free, no flags, no trophy at stake, etc.

For those who need this, why don’t we request for a sparring training pool, that will not be limited to alliance but contain a lot of defense teams as well, you can select using your defined criteria as someone even suggested., and apply same conditions of no flag, no trophy…

Note that some alliances may just have a few members hence have limited selections.


Hi Oliz,

I think you raze some good points, the sparring training pool is an interesting idea.

My thought for the alliance battles is different in two possible ways…

First I was thinking that it could be open to view by other alliance members for critique and learning purposes for strategy development, from hero selection to board usage.

Additionally, I was thinking in this limited application within alliances the duels wouldn’t be against AI but against other people…perhaps in a turn by turn manner allowing for a deeper learning experience.

What do you think?


Frankly, it will be quite interesting if we could watch live, all our game plays, that way it may help in the aspect of advisory, critique and learning as you have suggested, but as it is we could not see the game play of any player unless recorded, that brings us to another option a player could record his/her battle and post on alliance alternative media like line or discord, makes it open for intra alliance reviews and advisory if needed. We all have this option within our reach without really needing SG.

Also, the game approach has always being a solo battle between player vs AI, be it alliance war, raids or tourney, although those are regarded as PvP and has restrictions of no battle items. Not sure the game wíll change to having players battling themselves directly without AI.

The record and post to another app is an excellent suggested solution! I don’t mind admitting that I’m not tech savvy enough to know how to record battles as they’re ongoing… is there a standard way to do it? (Playing on android platform)

And yes, a true PvP would be a departure from the established norms, which is why I would keep it as no cost, no reward addition to the game, so that the established elements that work so well, aren’t detracted from. I don’t want to damage a game I like so much, nor do I want to defend an idea that will enable that to happen.

It’d be nice if we could choose to raid folks in our own alliance, so that we could more easily see which hero combinations work best in attacking and defending. Players could get feedback from their friends, too, as to which combinations work best.

Such raids could be for “training” purposes and would not effect trophy or hero chest counts. It’d be nice, too, if they did not require the use of flags, giving players something to do in-game as their world and raid and alliance flags replenish.

If there is ever an alliance versus alliance component added to the game, this “training” feature could greatly increase the appeal of and the preparation for such battles.

Thanks again for listening.

All the best,


The germ of this idea was already mentioned here:

I believe your purpose is different though… :wink:


That is MY post. Unless theres another 1 just like it. Or the link didnt
bring me to the right post. I thought i had checked to make sure no one had
previously suggested it.

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Well while we’re at that, claiming who’s the first to put this idea on the forum… :wink:

(I also tried to check nobody mentioned it before me, but doubt I was the first as this was a semi-compilation post which wasn’t too useful in hindsight).

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Hey! Great minds think alike! :grin:


I still like the idea of being able to battle your own teams. Since we have 3 teams. It would also solve the issue of finding holes in your defences.


If we had the ability to raid our alliance members for fun and for no reward I think it would give some friendly bragging rights and help us to test out differt hero combos, not to mention create a competitive drive to continue to improve on our teams. I rarely use my raid flags unless there is a 40 hero chest I am trying to open. This would give another use to raid flags in that you could spend them for no reward but have fun against the people in your alliance. It would also create more activity within each alliance. Thanks for listening.

This would good for strategy teaching within alliences and for new comers ( myself included lol).

What would make this even better would be to have a chat box below the game board whislt in battle as then you could discuss ehat your doing and why during the battle.

It would most certainly change game and allience AW’s a great deal making them more interesting in the long run.


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