Practice Battles or Raids Against Teammates in Alliance [MASTER]

It would be awesome if we could do practice battles against our teammates. Not for loot or trophies or anything, just for fun and help with strategizing.

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Duuuuude, option to battle your own alliance members as part of a friend v. Friend energy. 🧡 A friendly fight
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I absolutely love this idea, this would help you establish better attacking techniques, have in-house contests, and help your members learn how to attack certain heroes…
Sweet idea.


I would love that, it has some teambuilding aspect for AW too ^^


Practice titans as well so players can test out different lineups. No two boards are ever the same so hard to tell in limited attacks which line up is better


I was looking for this one or i added the request myself.

A friendly battle option from the members overview. No rewards except maybe a mission reward with some stones for testing out the defense of other players within the alliance.


@Wormwood @Grendoline don’t just like the idea, vote for it! It’s an awesome concept and Ive have even teased one of my ranking members about coming for him as he has a better team but not one I think I can’t beat. Maybe not every time but certainly think I could construct a decent enough team to make it a fair fight.

Practice raids would be an amazing learning tool. Especially if it could be observed by the defender as well with chat still up so you could say "no not that gem, start a chain with this one " even a bad board can be played SOMETIMES but people can get overwhelmed when not seeing their elements.


As someone who pretty much never Raids, because I don’t understand the strategies, this would be unbelievably helpful!!


how can I vote for it?


@Grendoline At the top left corner of ops post.
Hit vote. There is no “no” vote


Thanks, I didn’t see it ^^


The ability to spa or practice attack set ups against fellow alliance members defence teams to test or determine suitable formations.

No rewards or trophies for winning but also no ‘energy’ requirements.

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Part of the fun of having an alliance is to chat about our teams, which heroes to use, in which positions, e.t.c. This is great but to take it one step further, I think a practice raid option would be useful, fun and inspire more communication between alliance members.

Basically it would be an option to raid your alliance members and test out their defence teams, but without using up raid points, farming any resources or influencing trophies. Just a “mock” raid that we could talk about on alliance chat.

What do you think?


I think I’ve seen this suggested before, and think it would be really fun to have available.

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That is a wonderful idea! I am very much in favor of that!


Would it be nice to have somewhere to practice free of energy? Either against your own hero’s or against someone in your alliance?

Id like the possibility to try my luck at battling my alliance players. Face off against one another just to see where i stand. No points or anything. Just for the fun of seeing if i can beat them or they can beat me


Would love to see this. A free sparring arena in Alliance to fine tune teams.

Yes - I support this idea.

It will allow you to hone strategy in team layout or choice of hero by getting feedback from your alliance team mates, and really adds a lot more to the alliance outside of ‘let’s all beat up on a Titan together’.

Not hard to implement either, really.


[Suggestion] Practice against you alliance fellow’s defense teams

Being able to test your attacking raid team against your alliance fellow’s defense team will allow you to adjust your attacking team, them to adjust their attacking team, and you to share the screen cast review and analysis with your alliance.


I voted for this. Bump.


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