Practice Battles Against Teammates


would be also fine if I can battle myself…like shadowfight… we are all know this from race games … you can battle your own shadow and try to beat him,


This perk is long overdue. It would add a lot to the game.


Gostaria de poder procurar adversários com quem quero lutar e procurar lutar contra adversários em modo online tbm


great idea. love it.


This would be very easy to implement at least as a basic feature:

  • Alliance > Members > Tap on a member and have a menu pop up (Info, Battle)

  • Selecting battle would put you in the screen used by wars, with enemy info button and 5 empty slots to fill with your heroes.

  • Upon winning, you return to the alliance.member screen.

Future additions to this would be the following:
-Battle stats. Breakdown of who did what damage / took x damage / healed x / absorbed x with armor / …etc.
-Battle log. History of players who have attacked you and you have attacked in your alliance.
-Switch places. Ability to use your alliance member’s heroes to attack your own heroes to see how well they work on defense.


I don’t like the idea , in my view , one key purpose of Alliance is to encourage new players and help them to build up, matching such in a battle with already developed players no matter how friendly it is would be discouraging and may cause some to quit Alliance altogehter , As it is , the map field is equipped enough for practice.
Although , it could be tenanble if both players would have to agree to such batlles .


Great idea. …


Are you considering that the experienced player would be able to put in a variety of teams for the person to practice against? This would be a very valuable tool for Alliances for instructing new members. I wouldn’t be taking my top team in to these battles unless the person requested. I’d be bringing in the hero team they wanted to go against for practice.


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