Powerful 7 tile match greater than Diamond?

I hope I haven’t overlooked this being asked or discussed before. I’ve read through this section and the short list of frequent request (not 100%) and don’t recall seeing it.

Have the developers or any of us players thought about a greater move more powerful than the 5 tile match - diamond?

It doesn’t happen often but how about a stronger move/animation when we are able to match 6 or more specifically 7 tiles. I’ve only done it a few times since I’ve been playing the game but it typically looks like a larg T,

                                                            <> <>    <> <>

How about a match like this clearing 50% of all tiles, or maybe even the whole board :star_struck:

Edited for image I found. I would really like this move to have a greater effect than the 5 match diamond.

I agree. Would love to see some heroes affect the board too. (Ie 25% chance to reshuffle and attack buff)


We have dragon tiles, we have diamon tiles, i think gameplay would be hightened if we had another tile combination special. Perhaps a rare combination that could clear the whole board? Maybe a combination that has the same effect as the tornado battle item?
Post some more ideas for new tile specials!

@zephyr1 is this a new idea or does it need merged? Sounds familiar

Agree~~ Like combination diamond+diamond will result the cleansing of the whole board or dragon+dragon will give much bigger explosion area. :smile:

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It reminds me of this post I remembered reading from a little while ago:

@Kerridoc @Rook FYI if you think these are similar enough to merge.

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I’m part of a merged topic!:smiley: Now let’s have some new and powerful tile match animations :grin:

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There are several rare ways to comine tiles:

-use a diamond to make a diamond
-use a diamond to make a dragon
-use a dragon to make a diamond
-use a dragon to make a dragon
-make a giant T
-make a giant L
(Obviously several more to think of here)

There are infinite new attacks that could come from these combinations, time to get creative.

A combination that…

-clears the whole board
-shuffles the board
-reduces the mana of enemies (or a particular color enemy)
-freezes certain tiles (could be detrimental to user)
-sends an entire row or coulmn
-randomly fires certain tiles for x amount of turns
-automatically fills mana of certain hero color
-makes tiles have lingering damage over x amount of turns
-makes a super strong tile that is double strength (or stronger)
-makes a super dragon that sends 9 tiles

…could come up with tons more. Share your ideas!


Yes, this is what I hope Small Giant considers as they continue to make the game better. I really enjoy the strategy necessary to play this game well so adding more to the actual “match 3” concept would be really fun and even more inviting I think.

You articulated it better than I did (Thank you).

Going off of your list, I’d like to have the additional opportunity and challenge of,
,what/where/if I’m able to match tiles to for the,

“Clear board power tile”.

Is the diamond better or should I match these gems for the “Shuffle board mega tile?”

Personally, I think the “Super T” formation should trigger your idea of -making a double strength - damage combo from what ever those specific tiles hit.

Yep, we could go on for days but thanks for sharing your thoughts and hopefully this or something similar can get some traction with Small Giant.

I don’t like (though I kind of get why) that I can currently make a match consuming MORE than 5 same color tiles and NOT have a diamond or dragon out of it. Something like:


() = a different color tile because if you put a space it auto moves it to the left.

Don’t know about this, but to me what it really makes me mad is not getting rewarded for this:

  • image is photoshopped by me so not really ingame [never made a screen - i always fail to remember], but i guarantee you that i get in similar situations very often:

You see those 6 yellow tiles? that is one beautiful combo, but those six tiles joint should give you something more than just the *2 combo.


I really like some of these ideas! Combine Candy Crush with E&P!

That’s another way to show what I was describing.

I don’t know why everybody is afraid to say Bejeweled, lol…

You have to bear in mind that adding those better than diamond tiles will make hero specials less influential on the game. I don’t know if that is the goal.
These tiles like “supernova gem” or “powercube” or “lightning” are well known from the perhaps best match 3 game ever - Bejeweled.


Personally, I love the idea. That would be really great to see new tile powers :wink:

Pois1!!! Bejeweled was probably the first match 3 game I ever played on my "brand new iPad 2, :open_mouth:

I think I see what you mean by making the hero specials less influential but I like the added complexity.

  1. Titans
    Having the added tile possibilities may not alwasy work in the players favor. There are many times you make a move and immidiately see there was a better option, but if you do see the “power move” possibility and can make it in time, I like the risk reward.

  2. Raids.
    Are you going to play it safe and just try to target the weak hero with strong tiles are are you going to set off a “super nova” of weak tiles, choices, choices.

I can’t say I love or hate farming. Yes, I hoard loot tickes for times when I want to use all my world energy quickly, but having more tile match options would make farming less tedious and like more exciting.

Was just in a battle had two diamonds next to each other! Thought it be cool if you put both together and clear both tile colour at the same time! Could be it over kill?

I have an idea that can dramatically change the game. It’s about game mechanic.

Now we have 2 available features: combine 4 diamonds and 5 diamonds patterns. What if we can have additional options? Like 7 diamonds patterns. For example it could blast whole field. 7 diamonds combination is definitely harder to build and I believe it deserves some better action.

I understand that changes like this will change everything. And I understand that this game is not unique, but it is using some popular game code and have only difference in design and story behind it.

But I think it is a good idea and I would like to share it with game creators.

Thank you.

@serGo others have made a similar suggestion so I merged the topics together. Discussion can continue here. :slight_smile:


It is funny if people decides themselves what other people may have discovered.
I hope @zephyr1 may read this too.

As I have been an Industrial IT programmer for 28 years, I’d take a high bet the issue IS NOT (!) a designed one but a WRONG programming method.
Somehow the program must have been made like this.

if 5 stones then GOTO :diamond
if 4 stones then GOTO :skull.
GOTO :continue
:diamond create diamond
GOTO :continue
:skull create skull

The PROBLEM is almost clear, the program DOES NOT CHECK (!) AFTER a detected 5-stones-combination for anything else and it is not a designed and wanted issue but a little-bit- thoughtless coding.
It has been simple forgotten, after a 5-combination there could be a 4-combination too.

You may think it is a design issue, OK not but shall try to change my opinion talking about a small bug.
IF a 4-in-line combination does not creates a skull, it is a bug.
This tells my programmer’s experience.

And dear @zephyr1, if I think about as a “bug” I do not know why somebody else thinking different shall move my topic somewhere else, where NOBODY (!) will discuss if I may have right or not.
I may want see, how many player share my opinion or opposite.
HERE under “ideas and suggestions” I will not meet anybody.

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