Powerful 7 tile match greater than Diamond?


I hope I haven’t overlooked this being asked or discussed before. I’ve read through this section and the short list of frequent request (not 100%) and don’t recall seeing it.

Have the developers or any of us players thought about a greater move more powerful than the 5 tile match - diamond?

It doesn’t happen often but how about a stronger move/animation when we are able to match 6 or more specifically 7 tiles. I’ve only done it a few times since I’ve been playing the game but it typically looks like a larg T,

                                                            <> <>    <> <>

How about a match like this clearing 50% of all tiles, or maybe even the whole board :star_struck:

Edited for image I found. I would really like this move to have a greater effect than the 5 match diamond.

Idea: new/more tile combinations
Idea: new/more tile combinations

I agree. Would love to see some heroes affect the board too. (Ie 25% chance to reshuffle and attack buff)


We have dragon tiles, we have diamon tiles, i think gameplay would be hightened if we had another tile combination special. Perhaps a rare combination that could clear the whole board? Maybe a combination that has the same effect as the tornado battle item?
Post some more ideas for new tile specials!


@zephyr1 is this a new idea or does it need merged? Sounds familiar


Agree~~ Like combination diamond+diamond will result the cleansing of the whole board or dragon+dragon will give much bigger explosion area. :smile:


It reminds me of this post I remembered reading from a little while ago:

@Kerridoc @Rook FYI if you think these are similar enough to merge.