Powerful 1star hero, wher is this coming from?

just curious,where is that 1star hero coming from? not mistaken his name is DRAUGHT? looks powerful 1 star hero…

It´s the fusion of Aife and Telluria, It´s spawns when a hero with Shadereave buff dies.


i see thx…i cannot search this one star hero everywhere so just asking…

It comes from Shadereave’s special.
All killed heroes become this when Shadereave’s special is active.


That’s the beta version of heimdall. When they release S4 they’ll nerf all S3 heroes so you can buy strong ones again.

Or just Shader’s skill that work somehow like Muggy’s.

Lol, a few bits of playful misinformation.

As @rilian said, it’s Shadereave’s special

Here’s the card:


مكافئات دعوة أصدقاء تتأخر كثيرا ولا احصل عليها مؤخرا

google translate:

The rewards for inviting friends are too late and not received recently

That’s a little off topic don’t you think?

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