Power Tournament

I would love to see the power of a hero become a factor for tournaments. By this I mean have a power cap. A power cap of say 650 would allow you to use a good blend of 3*(20 emblems), 4*(0 emblems) and 5* around 3:70.
650 is of course an example, it could be higher or lower. This would also encourage you to use heroes that you may not always use or are in the middle of levelling.
It would also offer a more level playing field for those players who don’t have 20 emblems on every hero or limit breaks.
Personally I think this would be great,… any thoughts?

I support such ideas!

Made similar idea eons ago, where 3*, 4* and 5* can co-battle organicaly and mechanics which are already in game but are underused, would get more value :slight_smile:

I agree. It will have people thinking differently about their teams and the compisition of them. Good idea