Power to the People (poll on who to max)

Back in May i made a poll on who to ascend as a 2nd Holy hero and most of you voted for joon so i ascended joon Holy heroes poll to max
since then i have maxed Joon, Musashi and Onatel (and few others from different colors)
now i want you to help me to ascend another hero, i will skip all ice (blue) and for nature (green) as i lack mats for them
Please consider the following before submitting your poll and please vote with useful heroes and not jut for fun :stuck_out_tongue: and if you can give a feedback on why you have chose the heroes i would be thank full, also i would like to ascend one hero at a time to save some food from ascension

  • got a 5* in every color
  • got snipers in every color
  • 6 maxed Dark heroes
  • 4 maxed Holy heroes
  • 4 maxed Fire heroes
  • Khoina
  • Boss Wolf
  • Thoth-Amon
  • Obakan
  • Quintus
  • Mok-Arr
  • 2nd Seshat
  • 2nd Sartana
  • Neith
  • Inari
  • Ranvir
  • Vivica
  • Justice
  • Leonidas
  • G. Owl
  • 2nd Joon
  • Azlar
  • Elena
  • Khagan
  • Wait for Wonderland heroes and Christmas and focus on maxing your remaining 3* and 4* or just get some of the heroes to 3.70 and wait

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and am gladly to answer any question if it will help you decide

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Purple will most likely be out of the question.

Who are your 4 reds and yellow?

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GM and Delilah with emblems and use them in my defense team


Khiona is a great hero and her attack buff is awesome, she is good to add to any team but esp a purple stack for her element link as well. You have some good options here but Khiona has my vote for your next one.


After Khiona I’d say Azlar or Vivica.

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I voted viv for the coolness factor about her costume… I keep hearing people talk about it, but haven’t read up on that myself.

Elena for titans… you have grave and marj. No need for another burn. And her attack stats are great.

Khiona for her attack buff.

With all of your choices, I wouldn’t start maxing dupes quite yet. :woman_shrugging:


Great vanilla healer: good to bring in an anti-Kunchen stack for her tile damage and def buff; last but no least, her costume will “customize” her in a yellow-Kunchen: 2 great heroes in 1! :wink:

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Ranvir, he’s brilliantly designed for offense and titans.

Neith she shows great potential.

Khionna she’s by far your best non dupe purple.

Vivica - who can have too many 5* healers

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Khiona is awesome. Consider that she’s the only purple hero that buffs attack for her allies; that makes her a pretty solid choice for yellow titans.

I’ve never regretted giving her 6 tabards despite average speed.


You have already a good healer : Delilah. So, Vivica can wait. Go for Inari ! I find her fantastic.

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Another vote for Vivica, if you intend to do costumes summons.
2nd choice i like Inari for yellow, but i guess that’s really subjective. Neith would be good too.

Then Khiona without a doubt.
All heroes that improve your titan score are always welcomed.

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Thx all for your votes seems that khoina is winning so far and i always had doubts with her specially that kage is kinda useless on titans when their HP gets below 50% and i dont have panther so i need every help i can get
I just reached Neith to 3.70 to keep it on standby in the future and got an extra darts as well so now i can ascend 3 more holy heroes, guess will save some food and prepare my TC for the next couple of days then close the poll when am ready and see who is the winner
Although some of my alliance members is telling me to wait for white rabbit or Jabborocky for next week

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If you were to make mono teams, both your red and yellow are complete with Wilbur and Jackal.

You have an extensive roster and probably only need to up your titan damage.

Khiona and Ranvir would probably be your choice if you don’t have Tarlak and Miki.

Many voted for Vivica but you already have Delilah for that, I don’t think you need another healer unless you are talking about war. There are other cheaper options from other colors.

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I already got Wilbur, Jackal, Falcon and Miki maxed and 5* healer in every colour as mentioned (Ariel, MN, Delilah, Kunchen, Grazul & Ares), and for 4* Melandor, kiril, boldtusk, and rigard all maxed

For me i tend to level up Khoina as the only rouge class i feel like giving emblems to

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Thank you all for who vote
I closed the poll and just ascended Khoina as she is the winners
I was keen to wait till next week but i respected the vote and ascended her


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