Power that reverses mana speed


Mimica (Vivica’s sister)
Special: Polarity reversal
Very Fast

For four turns:

All fast mana heroes are slow.
All very fast heroes are now very slow.
All slow heroes are fast.
All very slow heroes are very fast.

This applies to all characters on the battlefield, including the caster.

This would be absolutely hilarious. We need some crazy heroes that cause complete chaos in the game


Would it do absolutely nothing to average mana heroes? Interesting idea. I like more variety in the game. I’d enjoy a hero like this.


I think so. Average sits in the middle after all

I like that it applies to everyone. So it is powerful, but can also be a double edged sword. Wouldn’t wanna accidentally make the enemy Mother North Fast.



And now would be the time to take Quintus, Horghall, Boss Wolf and Owl with me on a raid :slight_smile: (not that I have the last two)

Interestingly it would mean if I raided against her I’d bring the slow heroes along too lol

I’d keep hitting her with tiles to activate her special

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