Power or defense

I’ve been fortunate the last couple weeks to get a 5* blue and green. So I know have
:heart:Gravemaker (very fast mana)
:purple_heart:Sartana (fast)
:blue_heart:Magni (fast)
:green_heart:Lianna (fast)
:yellow_heart:Drake Fong (fast)

In the opinions of advanced players, will this lineup be successful given I do not have a healer in this group? These are all heavy hitters. Gravemaker and Drake Fong spread out the attack over three enemies.

Considering making my defense team
:purple_heart:Rigard (healer)
:green_heart:Little John (hit all hard)
:blue_heart:Boril (riposte)
:heart:Wilbur (defensive and attack spread)
:yellow_heart:Wu Kong (gamble effect)

I keep reading how the 4* heroes are valuable if used right and with other heroes. I have other strong and fast 4* heroes. Nearly all of the classic ones. Just looking to make the right choices. Any thoughts?

Your 5* are very good and they could form a powerful defending team.

You should try:
Sartana - Drake Fong - Gravemaker - Magni - Lianna


And if you really want a healer, i believe an emblemed Rigard in Sartana’s spot could do just fine


I’ll try that. Gravemaker is the only one I have fully ascended. The other 4 need 1 or 2 more items for the final ascension. How do I actually know which team has greater success?

Use them for a couple of nights and note and then copmpare results.

Ok. I didn’t know if there was somewhere I could find stats or something like that to help

There certainly is good info available, which people spent good time collating.

Try this:

And this:

On the second one, scroll to bottom and click ‘link to full spreadsheet.’


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