Power of the top 30 heroes

What do you think about the idea of creating a war score for each player? It would take into account the strength of the top 30 heroes or the top 6 of each color.


If you’re asking SG to do that… good luck!

I sort of am more interested in a world all time leaderboard/ranking of how consistent you are in raids

Most top spending accounts would look more or less the same I would suggest

You have a war score

Every player in the game has an individual war score

It’s what makes up big chunk of alliances war score

If you want to figure out your individual war score, screenshot current alliance’s war score, opt out of war(when there is not a war goin on), wait 15 minutes, screenshot alliance’s updated war score, opt back in then compare the difference before u opted out and after, subtract one from the other and that gives you your individual war score

Then if you want to figure up value of each hero and troop you can, i have not taken the time to do this part yet but will soon enough


That’s a cool work-around, but it would be far easier if SG could just find a place to display your personal contribution to the war score somewhere on a screen for you to view.


True but probly concern of manipulation

Seems everytime players figure out a piece of info, it gets exploited

Titan score, event scorings, cups, etc etc

I have no problem if they openly reveal the scores or not though

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Yeah, I recall someone once postulating here that they were feeling they should feed their maxed Khagan because they didn’t use the hero much and it might have been hurting their alliance war score as a high health top-30 hero (that never got used).

Seems extreme to me, but if folks want to resort to such manipulation or exploits, I wouldn’t mind seeing fewer 5* as opposed to more. SG would probably not mind either, as players then have to keep building up their benches if they are going to feed away maxed 5*…


That would be the intention …

Not as extreme, but in the past, I would stop a 5* hero at 3-55 or so (instead of 3-70) while waiting on mats so they didn’t count towards my top 30 heroes.

It probably didn’t make a difference, but since I would never use them in war (better max 4* options), it made me feel better