Power levelling of player

Hows this for a power level up? Would be quicker but for having to stash the heroes, iron and recruits.


How many red flasks did this take? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


…and how many loot tickets?

…no one congratulated you…



Great player name too :slight_smile: You leveled up at sonic speed :laughing:

Contrats on powerleveling! Your titan must be limping by now :grin:

So that’s… some loot tickets you had there… fun… jealous…

also. good lord.

Took 54 flasks and about 650 loot tickets. Saved up for ages and timesd my level up for during Atlantis. Great fun skipping a month.


54, takes discipline to save them up.

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Thanks, but you have to do some serious saving up to do it.

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Congrats! I have the flasks… I just need 590 loot tickets now :grin::grin::grin:

Holy farming Batman! :bowing_man:

What you did right there is a ‘Time Skip’ !!

You should have your own hero card with that as your special.

Amazing job. And kudos to your patience!


What province/levels did you farm?

How many Atlantis coins did you get?

I’ve done this before and would use Province nine, level 10 as it gives 1920 xp per 3 we. ( during Atlantis) But I didn’t have enough loot tickets to level up so I used 15.10. Not as cost efficient but ample flasks of w.e. looking at the inventory I got over 350 Atlantis coins.


As testimony to my patience my TC 20 has over 20 potential legendary heroes waiting to collect. I’ll do so when I have the royal tabbards I need to ascend Alfrike.


Congratulations, just a question ¿Did you spend the food/iron/ recruits earnt during the farm?

As best as possible, 100 tornados crafting, Tc twenty busy for the next 50 days and as many heroes as possible were fed into others. Troops obviously all in the inventory. The only waste is some of the one star heroes as the farming doesn’t generate enough food to use them all.