Power Leveling How?

Hey folks,

I had a question? How do you power level a Legendary to level 80 in 1 day. How is it possible and better yet how do you do it?

I like to check out other players teams in top 100 guilds. Well on October 1st, the day Kingston was released, I stumbled across Peter. I like to check him out and see what Talent level hes got Gravemaker to, hes now at 18, good job btw, impressive, and to see if he his 4500tp yet, he did, grats. What did I notice… day 1 of release, Peter had Kingston to level 80 with 11 talents. This is not the first time…

During the Knights of Avalon event, there were a few players on the leader board who had pulled all the new characters and had Lady of the Lake and Black Knight on the first day and had them both to level 80.

It must be possible, but how?


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