Power Leveling - How To (aka Speed Leveling, aka Instamaxing)

Disclaimer I: I haven’t actually done it myself yet! As such, I plan to edit this post with any suggestions/corrections y’all post in response.

Disclaimer II: I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen anyone use the term “instamaxing.”

I was motivated to write this guide because I’m finally at the point in my roster building progression where I don’t have heroes that I want to level in all five colors, so I’m no longer going to be exclusively same-color feeding. As such, I might as well start saving up to power-level new heroes when I get them, and after searching the forums for a while, I didn’t find much in the way of guides/instructions on how best to do it. There are a few old videos floating around, but I always prefer a written set of instructions if I have the choice, and I suspect I’m not alone. (On top of that, writing it down will help crystallize the process in my mind.)


  1. The first thing to do, in preparation for a power-leveling session, is store up food and feeder heroes. This means:

a) Banking food in a TC12, TC13, or TC20.
(Note: TC12 is the most efficient for food storage, but of course it produces nothing but 3 star heroes. I’m personally using TC20, because I’m still waiting to pull a Marj and a Viv, but will switch to TC12 one day, whenever I finally get those two.)

b) Banking feeder heroes in one TC2 and two TC11s. (Note: Constantly having enough backpacks to keep a TC2 running is not easy! You have to farm constantly. Make use of level 1-2N during Atlantis Rises, in particular! That’s what all my World Energy flasks go towards.)

  1. Calculate how many feeders you’ll need, and how much food you’ll need.
  • 3-star heroes require 49,916 XP to max
  • 4-star heroes require 167,594 XP to max
  • 5-star heroes require 353,564 XP to max

For the rest of this guide, I’m going to focus on 5-star heroes, since that’s what people who do this are usually doing it with.

a) Calculating feeders

  • Since it takes a while to build up to the point of having enough food and feeders stored up to max a new 5, you’ll inevitably accumulate some trainer heroes along the way, along with a few 1 and 2 star feeders (and even a couple of 3-star feeders) via daily summons and map farming. There’s no harm in feeding away the 1s and 2s to make room in your roster when needed, but definitely hang on to the trainers and 3s for when you’re finishing off the final levels, since it’ll save you a bunch of food.

  • Keep an eye on how much XP you have saved up in those trainers and 3s. You’ll know you’re ready to complete a power leveling session when you can add that to the hero XP you have saved up in your TCs and come up with 353,564 (or more, obviously).

  • The average hero XP generated by the heroes coming from your TCs is 280.8 per hero, assuming a 50/50 distribution of 1s and 2s, and an even distribution of colors. Ignoring trainer heroes and 3s for a moment, that means you’d need 1260 of these feeders to max a 5 from scratch. Using one TC2 and two TC11s (which combine to produce 72 feeders per day), it would take 17.5 days to produce those 1260 feeders. Once you add trainer heroes and 3s back into the mix, that means it takes roughly two weeks to accumulate enough hero XP to max a 5. If you have bad luck (meaning that your TCs produce more 1s than 2s, and/or less than 20% in the same color as the hero you’re going to max), then 2.5 weeks is probably the worst case scenario.

b) Calculating food

  • For the purpose of these calculations, I’m going to assume something stupid: That these TC feeder heroes get fed to the hero being leveled indiscriminately. I’m doing that for two reasons:
    i. It makes the math WAY simpler/faster
    ii. It builds in a cushion, so that if you DO have bad luck with the distribution of 1s/2s and/or colors, you’ll still be able to max your 5. (And if you don’t have bad luck, you’ll just end up with some surplus feeders in your TCs.)

  • That being said, the obvious thing to do is to feed in the following order, to save food:
    i. Off-color 1s
    ii. Same color 1s
    iii. Off-color 2s
    iv. Same color 2s
    v. Off-color 3s
    vi. Same color 3s
    vii. Follow the same pattern for trainer heroes

  • Anyway, using the stupid assumption mentioned above, and also assuming you only use 1 and 2 star feeders for the entire leveling process, you’ll need the following amounts of food (approximately) for each step in the process:
    i. From 1/1 to 1/50: 750,000
    ii. Ascension to tier 2: 273,000
    iii. From 2/1 to 2/60: 1,464,980
    iv. Ascension to tier 3: 442,000
    v. From 3/1 to 3/70: 3,503,929
    vi. Ascension to tier 4: 708,000
    vii. From 4/1 to 4/80: 6,247,634

  • That comes to a total of 13,380,269 food. That’s a lot of food! It requires roughly 90 days worth of TC20 storage time. However, that gets cut down DRASTICALLY by using trainer heroes and 3s for the very top levels. Using my own situation as an example, in the last two weeks of June, I collected 41 1-star trainer heroes and 17 2-star trainer heroes from Wanted chests and titan loot. That’s worth almost 70,000 hero XP, which is enough to take care of levels 66 and up (including both tier 3 and tier 4), which would cost almost 3,000,000 in food if done with 1 and 2 star feeders instead of trainer heroes. That means you’re using 58 trainers instead of ~250 feeders for those high levels, which would cost closer to 700,000 food, reducing total food cost by 2,300,000.

  • If you take that a step further, by buying trainers in the shop, and/or by other methods, I believe it’s possible to max a 5 with as little as 9,000,000 food, which works out to roughly 60 days’ worth of TC20. Still a lot! But a pretty big reduction from 90 days, too.

  • How long does it take to store up that much food? I have no idea! That’s one of the things I’ll be trying to figure out over the next few weeks, while I prepare for my first power leveling session.

Edit: Dangit! I just realized the chest/titan data I mentioned above is from both of my accounts, not just my main. I guess cut the numbers above roughly in half. [sadface]

  1. Well, that’s pretty much it, really. Now, I haven’t really thought much yet about how to incorporate TC1 or TC19 into this whole thing. If you somehow have over 100 days’ worth of food stored up in your TC20 already, it would seem like a no-brainer to me to use TC19 to speed things up instead of waiting two full weeks to store enough feeders in TC11.

Any thoughts/comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated.

ETA 1: Save up silver summon tokens. No sense adding heroes to your roster before you’re ready to feed them away.


Extra low cost

The reference sheet I use:

If RT11 has 3000 finished heroes and RT20 has 150 unfinished heroes ( waiting to train or 300 days ) then you have enough heroes and food for 2x 5* 4.80.


I have done this at least 15 times on my various accounts. I keep promising to remember to pace myself.

Set a timer and stretch every 15 minutes.
Drink plenty of fluids.
Buy a stylus.

When I forget, my hands are usually sore for several days.


I tried this a few times. You can also try and save all your same color 2* heroes:

([Wiki, Play style] Xero786 ( Zero )'s leveling one hero at a time technique from his video)


I have 50 open roster slots. It takes 1,259 from Extra low cost training to go from 5* 1.1 to 5* 4.80 . So I am doing this at least 25 times.

Since you are doing so many times, the food savings gets lost.

Saving trainers heroes is nice, but those are more slots I lose. If I save ten trainers, that leaves me with 40 open slots which means 30 times collecting from camps instead of 25 times. Which means clicking on Layla 20% more and Sigrunn 20% more and Ragnhild 20% more.

My new methods:

Sort by power
Use top 10 highest power heroes to level
repeat until empty
get more heroes

Because you sort by power, the new heroes always go to the bottom.

Because you are using all the heroes, you do not need to waste time scrolling to the bottom, paying attention to colors, etc.

Trainers and tokens

The problem with saving tokens for future Hero XP is claiming them takes forever since you must do a server call each time. Never again.

I saved 151 silver Daily summons tokens for leveling heroes from Sand Empire/ Ranvir ( no Ranvir :slightly_frowning_face: 2x Hisan :heart_eyes: ) and it took forever. Though Hisan did enjoy the Carver and Brienne I summoned.

Now I use silver Daily summons tokens and Trainer heroes when I get them.

And save heroes in Extra low cost training instead.

Food Budget

Food required

Hoarding food for Extra fast

Yearly food needed to use Extra fast training ( pre Atlantis Rising so Advanced Farm might be a good idea )


There’s no chance for a bonus draw on the daily portal and one can’t pull Hisan by silver tokens. Did I get sth wrong?


Good question!

I have edited the original for clarity

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