Power level techniques?

Hey folks,

I had a question? How do you power level a Legendary to level 80 in 1 day. How is it possible and better yet how do you do it?

I like to check out other players teams in top 100 guilds. Well on October 1st, the day Kingston was released, I stumbled across Peter. I like to check him out and see what Talent level hes got Gravemaker to, hes now at 18, good job btw, impressive, and to see if he his 4500tp yet, he did, grats. What did I notice… day 1 of release, Peter had Kingston to level 80 with 11 talents. This is not the first time…

During the Knights of Avalon event, there were a few players on the leader board who had pulled all the new characters and had Lady of the Lake and Black Knight on the first day and had them both to level 80.

It must be possible, but how?


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Power leveling involved planning in advance for the hero you are trying to draw.
This includes storing up heroes in Training camps, storing up food & recruits in other Training Camps, storing summon tokens. The following thread shows an example of the way heroes are power leveled with preparation beforehand.


There is a post or 2 somewhere on it. Some videos too. Those top guys/girls share lots of cool stuff. Great guys/girls in my book.

But it comes down to hoarding feeders in tc11 or tc19.

Storing ham in tc20 or i think some argue tc14 is better.

Then after that it is a lot of moving things around and getting there.

I have done 2 in about a week (without saving ham).

I just took Mok-Arr to 70 in about a day but slowed down cuz I didn’t have the tabbards yet.

Lots of info out there on it. Planning is the biggest thing.

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Wow, amazing, time and patience. Thanks for the speedy response. Cool video.

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Yeah a lot of time, planning, and patience.

But once you have a very deep bench you don’t have much else to do. I hoard feeders constantly hoping to pull something. I don’t spend big so sometimes they never come for a while.

By the way very nice approach on your question. Most of the time people don’t understand the term and assume someone “cheated” to max them so fast.

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There are better players than me out there, who I am sure know better
Bottom line is advance planning, and patience.
As an example: I have 2 TC11 running 24/7. Each one has about 1000 fully trained feeders. They are both around 250 days out with the balance in them.
My 1 TC20 is about 35 days out.
The last TC is a floater.
Thats alot of saved ham and feeders.
Obviously, the ascension materials are needed.
Dont try it if you dont have them, otherwise you will stall out, and be disappointed

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Personally, I only powerleveled 2 heroes, just to try it out.
Then again, I have a really deep bench, and I am patient.
But at least I set myself up to have the option to do so again, should I so decide.
Hope this helps, and good luck :slight_smile:

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Very astute observation @King_Nothing


Thanks for the approval, Mods :grin:

Here are two references that should help you. I’m also going to merge this with a similar thread asking for help. Good luck!

It does take preparation and it’s typically done when you are further along in the game.

As an interesting story, I got both Kingston and Ursena this Atlantis. I was prepared to power level one, not both. I still tried. I ended up with a 3.40 Ursena and 4.60 Kingston and no food.


Food is always an issue, at least for me.I
When I tried to power level Onatel, I ran out when she was 4/70.
I keep TC20 always running, as food storage.
I dont really need anymore 5*'s

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You should consider switching to TC12. Eats food more slowly than TC20. So if you don’t need any more 5s…

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why a tc12?

If the goal is food storage, the one that uses food the slowest is best.

Im always willing to learn, so I will look into it
kinda stuck right now, but i will run the numbers.
TC20 is still the best option for food and recruit storage.

TC12 is better for recruit storage too:

TC20 uses 297K ham and 100 recruits every two days
TC12 uses 164K ham and 45 recruits every two days


Maybe I am just dense this late at night…
Your numbers are not wrong, they just dont work for me.
I would rather have the TC20 running, with a chance of a 5^, than TC12 just for a 3*
There are still awesome 5*'s that I dont have.
When I said I dont need 5*'s, doesnt mean I dont want them

Oh. No, TC12 is only better if you don’t want/need any more of the TC20 5s.

I’ve seen a player have hotm on the first day of the month, and have used an emblem. is there the fastest way to have a 5 star hero with an emblem in one day or less? maybe the fastest way without using gems.

Hiya @Frans3000,

I’ve merged your thread into an existing forum thread which answers the question or shares the same topic/idea that your thread does.

Also there is thus video which shows the technique in action:

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