Power level techniques?

Hey guys! Finally got a 5* red to the final chevron, and I wanna get this bad boy out in play as soon as possible (within the confines of game mechanics). I’m willing to dump every color into the hero to get them leveled. What are some of your techniques for power leveling? Should I focus a red-only TC? TC19 only?

Thanks for any assistance!

TC19, some TC2 or TC1 if you haven’y enough food. Don’t use onecolour training this is worst idea.

Before you do that, is the special at 8/8 yet? If NOT, then try to ensure feeding same colors to get it to 8/8 first, then push to level 80.

If you get to 80 and its not 8/8, you will have to keep feeding to use the talent grids. My understanding the hero needs to be fully maxed before talent grids can be used.

Oh, it’s been at 8/8 for a while now. I’m just looking to see what the most efficient for time/resources. :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen 5* at 4^01 without 8/8


TC19 gives you a minimum of 150 Hero’s EXP points per minute (and a max of 180 EXP/min); this is the fastest you can get.
You might soon run out of rugged clothes (that’s what happened to me) and food might be an issue too.

Assuming you have enough resources:

TC19 150-180 EXP/min
TC3 75-90 EXP/min
TC1 15-18 EXP/min
TC2 5-48 EXP/min

Other Trainings might require less resources but also give less EXP per min.

When resources are scarce, TC11 is your friend, but it’s rather slow: 4 EXP/min at maximum; minimum: 1,25 EXP/min.


That’s a really good way to look at it. I’ve also gotta keep my raid chests full to get hams- those are in short supply.

Always leveled my heroes with TC2 & TC 5/6/7/8/9 (regarding the color of the heroes) & it’s going pretty well this way.

Good luck to up a 5* with the TC19. First & maybe 2nd step yes, but then… I hope you have millions of recruits & billions of food to continue.

TC 5-9 will give you 3-7,8 EXP/min. if you want to go fast, TC2 is your friend :slight_smile:

In my experience the fast trainings (4 and 19) can only be used for (very) short time: you hit the resource limits pretty fast.

800 heroes in TC19 at once and dying in next week :joy:

You can have some of mine…


I also use TC 5-9. Yes TC2 is faster but there is no way I can keep one running all the time. Even now and then I will run out when doing TC5-9 and have to pause and do 11 for a bit.

Edit: I use all my WE

Please see:

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Thank you!

20 whatevers


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I will trade either you some 1* / 2* heroes for Delilah or Ariel

Yeah, that 244 day queue is due to using 5.681 million food this morning to level some 4* troops. Still missing a 4* red Crit and several 4* mana troops.


Honestly I love Ariel, but I have several blue 5* and no green 5*. :frowning: Almost makes me want to trade.

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I’ve dumped weeks worth of resources into several TC20, which I’ll pull when I need to power level.

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