Power Creep Really Means SGG Needs to Loosen up on Ascension Mat Rarity and Troop Leveling

Suicide_Bunny … That’s exactly what I was thinking. Maybe it I didn’t express it well. I have 50+ 5* unleveled at different stages after 9 months and since there’s little hope to obtain mats for more than a few I have no incentive to Summon anymore. I think it would be in their best interest to provide ways to ascend a few extra.

Wouldn’t mind working for them or even adding mats as a reward for summons on the portals that offer none. Any improvement would be welcome.


Making a dupe hero of the same element be say 6 scopes or whatever the color is would be a nice solution to dupes… only so many are really gonna go into HA10

Power Creep is very old at this point. I’m facing teams with TS > 5,000 in raids at this point and it’s getting worse as the P2W crowd level break more cards.

It’s obvious the game owner doesn’t give a flip for anyone other than P2W at this point.


Just devil’s advocate, but isn’t maintaining ascension material rarity a way to reduce the rate of power creep? It means that many people can spend all they want on new heroes, but they won’t be able to ascend them all and cause raid defenses to be full of the latest and greatest? I gather there are some who do get a lot of ascension materials (just fought a 3 slayer defense), so people are stockpiling or getting lucky with titan loot. But if the ascension materials were more common, I imagine there’ll be more multi-slayer defenses out there instead of the S4 defenses.


I couldnt agree more, well put :clap:

No not at all when we see SG offering said materials for real life cash on a daily basis. They’ve lowered the potential drop rate in order to try and increase their bottom line. Pretty simple but very obvious just from opening the game on a daily basis seeing all the ridiculous offers thrown at ya.


On a daily basis? I know there’s an offer for 4* AM every now and then, but hardly on a daily basis. I don’t track, but they seem to be more on a monthly if that.

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I dont have a problem in regards to ascension mats because I dont get heroes to use them…
As far I am concerned that would be a nice problem to have, which hero to ascend… :frowning:


You are definitely right by princple but it isn’t that “just” 4.80 heroes can compete anymore. They also need emblems (especially for defensive uses), and very soon they will need aethers as well not to stand out. Soon 4.80 will be a ‘half way through’ thing, like getting to 3.70 3 years ago. Ascension mat drop rate just doesn’t improve at the same pace as the pace of the game and new hero releases.

Also, let’s say, guaranteed epic ascension mat for finishing a monthly event (Circus, Slayers etc) - that means an extra 1 mat per month. Is it that much? Epic asc mat roll for top 1-5% on mythic titans improved from 2% to 10% - means you get 1 every two months on average, and not 1 per year. Guaranteed 4* ascension mat from war chest - even if you win all your wars that’s 1.5 extra mat per month. Improving odds for rare mat from rare titan from 10% to 30%. Is it all that much? Enough to ruin the whole economy? I don’t think so. But it would add some level of “accomplishment” feeling to various areas of the game where players are now extremely disappointed. A ray of light where it’s the grimmest now. There’s so much “bad feeling” from some recent actions going on right now that players really could use cure for some of the recurring disappointments to get their heroes to usable state (and again, usable doesn’t mean ‘competetive’ - bare heroes at 4.80 are not really all that competetive…)


That’s all true.
It’s compounded for mats because a max 4* is "more competitive" than a 5-3.70

Still… this is a rich player’s problem.
I’ve got to experience both sides throughout my entire visit at E&P.

I’ve pulled a single legendary card in the past 11 months.
Mats are no longer a problem for me.

With the way Legendary’s have been pouring out of portals, it’s not all that surprising that people are scrambling for materials.

My advice is stop chasing creeps and develop what you have.
Next year’s creeps will be even worse
And yes, you will get left behind…
But your bank account won’t!
And you will have plenty of 4* mats :grin:


What in your above sermon is not already known to players?! :rofl:

No player cares a “D” about that sermon & I see you more jealous :rofl:

Since you are so well placed with all kinds of mats, why pay attention to what others do ?! :rofl:
Unless… :rofl:

There are a few 85+20 defenses, and once the purple aethers go through, I imagine there will be a lot more. But from my personal experience, a LB hero isn’t that much more different than a regular one. Before you talk about the increased stats, yes that’s true, but the increase doesn’t seem to make them overly harder.

If you’re talking about being competitive on events or challenges, that’s one thing. But even then not everyone is only going to use LB heroes. If you’re talking about raids and wars, well, the deciding factor is going to be tile luck which can swing for or against, regardless of whether or not LB heroes exist.

You have been on a journey my friend.

You have travelled from randomly mixing in capital letters.
To randomly mixing in math symbols.
To using mass emojis

I say it’s an improvement! I could actually read that!

Thank you :pray:

&………. sermons again :rofl::joy:

I have been using Reuben with Puss and Boots and Emilio. Very serious A team synergy. Kinda blown!!!

Back to topic. Mats are mats. When developing there are a lot of players trying to join a higher tier Alliance so that they can gain more mats. It is obvious all across the game. Highest tier Alliances will only accept equal participants though. Maybe join a training Alliance or higher for your developmental mats progress. Good luck!

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By power creep, I mean we continue to see added systems to raise the power of cards, which is typical of games with an RPG or RPG-lite boosting mechanic, especially after several years of activity. Given that aethers and emblems aren’t even usable until a hero is maxed on ascensions and levels, lack of ascension mats can completely block a player out of using the other two systems.


Totally agree with this topic. I started tracking my drops a bit over a month ago and between titan, war, and tournament loot as well as the elemental and war/raid chests, I’ve gotten four 4* ascension items in five weeks. Extrapolating, that is just under 42 ascension mats per year. Assuming an even distribution amongst color, that is 8 per color, so I can ascend 1 hero of each color per year.

That really isn’t cutting it. What’s the point of constantly pushing new heroes and summoning portals when you can’t ascend them anyway? I’m done summoning, because the line of heroes now waiting for mats in my roster goes around the block twice. Eventually more people will feel the same way. SG is just shooting themselves in the foot. Increase the 4* item drop rate, or decrease the number of heroes you keep pushing onto us, or both.


There really ought to be a way to at least get that advanced training manual that every 5 Star seems to need other than luck. I can see certain things as a rarity but something that you need for every 5 star ought to be at least something you can buy with gems or maybe as a reward for completing a stage of the storylines etc.

SGG doesn’t care because the game (and the company) is no longer belong to them after completely sold to Zynga. What they currently care is grab money as much as possible no matter how dying the game will be and, how frustrating or angry those players are.

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you gotta understand that if they increase the drop rate of 4* Ascension Material (4AM) it also means big spender will have more 4AM to level all the newly released heroes instantly (believe me, they will always get more 4AM than the average player). I don’t see how that will improve the gameplay experience for majority of the players. Yes you will have more 4AM to level up 5* heroes, but the gap between average player and big spenders will get bigger IMO.

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